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Black eyed Betty!


How does that slab of black voo-doo on the eye-lids enhance ones mood exactly? Well it just does, which is why we divas do it. It’s a primitive ritual really. Betty Boop beckons…

That protective coat appears and now we have stronger eyes. Stronger eyes that engage and subdue, excite and titillate. We have the Carrie eyes and Jolie lips and countless other icons who appear untouchable, and we too can be just as fabulous. We even have the ‘perm-ink eyes’. There is just no avoiding this agenda for many. Maybe it was Cleopatra, with those slanty-hypnotic smoky eyes. Yes she had the keys to the kingdom! Power unlimited. Ah, the secrets those black soaked cotton balls have to tell the others in the wastebasket. Cat-woman can just step aside, because we are the ultimate power –house…MEOW!

Maybe it’s that kid memory of watching the pretty mother tilt her head, jaw slacked, eyes widening and then…presto Uber-hottie mommy. Permanent etchings of these mask rituals seem like the supreme right to womanhood. So, all those in favor, read on. Now is the time to do some good for our health while wielding those magical wands. Gone are the days of ignorant bliss. Magazines and companies have the goods and are ready to make you shine, but they aren’t exactly sounding the alert on the goods that cause damage, because it’s bad for business. However, with a little self-love and awareness, finding products that contribute to illness and disease can be avoided. Squinting will be involved for the brave who dare to find out what is going on behind the curtains, but it’s worth it. So, for our first demonstration we will examine the contents of an available make-up bag and find out how the products rate on the Skin Deep Safety Analysis website.

First, the eyeliner: Maybeline Liner Express rates a five, which is a moderate hazard out of 10. Next, the Almay Clear Complexion Blemish Healing Makeup hazard rate is a six. Common hazard descriptions of these products contribute to the following problems: Links relating to cancer, developmental/reproductive toxicity, violations, restrictions & warnings, allergies/immunotoxicity. Other concerns for ingredients used in this product are: Neurotoxicity, Endocrine disruption, Biochemical or cellular level changes, and the list goes on. Products that contain SPF ingredients tend to really score high on the hazard level, so pay attention. Perfume buyers be particular, as the contents are not required to be labeled and contain all kinds of bad juju.  

This list continues while investigating the contents of all the other beauty articles at hand. Surfing this site also gives the consumer the power to discover products that don’t contain all those harmful agents. Make those eyelids smoke without the poison! Consumers who studies caloric intake, would be well off to investigate the contents of that expensive bottle. The toxic chemicals that are being absorbed into the body by way of daily application are anything but beautiful. Think about this morning. Count out every single item used for daily beauty routine. Now, think about how much time and effort is put into ‘fixing’ ailments and disease. How quickly we pay attention to what we are doing, eating, medicating when ours (or our loved ones) health is at stake. The devil is in all those pretty smelling details, so it is time to look beyond the picture of Miss.Thing and dive deep into the world of beauty, and ditch the fancy packaging along with the dirty cotton-balls. Gainesville has an abundance of health food stores and it's time to go hunting!

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  • Scarlett 5 years ago

    Fantastic article! I had no idea about most of that. Great food for thought; I am off to check out that website!

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