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Black Comic/Artists Behind Bars

African Americans have disproportionately been incarcerated. Hitler’s attempt at the annihilation of the Jews is a mere word compared to the volumes of atrocities the black race has endured. However, the offspring is still alive. Its members have risen to prominence in politics, sports, business, entertainment! Yet surprisingly, many end up behind bars.

Black Comic Artistes who've shaped our lives. Opening of exhibition in Baltimore.
Black Comic Artistes who've shaped our lives. Opening of exhibition in Baltimore.
Mike Solof
Behind which bar? See article.

But being behind bars can be a good “thing”; financially rewarding, when such “bodies” are for example in museums.

The Geppi Museum in Camden Yards, took that step this winter, showcasing the positive affect of Black comic writers/producers on our society. One such comic writer/producer is Reginald Hudlin. His movies include BEBE’S KIDS, HOUSE PARTY, BOOMERANG, and more recently DJANGO UNCHAINED.

The sash of compliments must go around Melissa Geppi-Bowersox, whose comments include the following, “we strive to be, the leading museum in America showcasing not only who we are, but where we came from, and where we are going”. Among the featured artists are Orlando Jones, Michael Jai White, Micheline Hess, Keith Knight, Gil Ashby and Michael Davis, with Wayne Brady making an appearance(On video).

I have to make this notation about blacks behind bars. Super Model Naomi Campbell did not like being behind a bar of chocolate, too sexist. Cadbury withdrew it. (See photo) Would a black male celebrity object? Just a thought.

The exhibition continues through April.

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