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Black Christmas and the bigotry that comes from the black hearts of haters

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The Pharisees were the Leftists of their day who would brook no contestation of their policies. They convinced the ignorant Romans that Jesus was a radical spreading dissension that needed to be silenced. Today, the Left condemns anyone who advocates Christianity and the very conservative ideals of putting God first in one’s life.

The product of this hate comes in the forms of a black Santa and a black Jesus. Racist haters who detest white men and smear them as rich thieves stealing away their lives cannot abide a Christ that forgives sinners. Their version of Jesus comes from the Koran as a black man oppressed by rich, white people who is executed for speaking of equality and love. This is how Muhammad justifies waging war on his tribal leaders for denying him, and in spreading Islam by the sword against all those who refuse to acknowledge Allah as the true god.

Instead of Santa Claus being the spirit of St. Nicholas who brings toys and candy to all the good little girls and boys, they would have a black gangsta who would bust rich white men upside da head and jack the riches he stole from poor black folks. Barack Obama is the embodiment of their idea of Jesus and Santa who is stealing from the rich white man who made people buy from his business so he could profit and stole the wealth from the poor people to whom their president will give it back. That this banditry by the federal government is causing business to crumble is blamed on rich white men for not surrendering all of their wealth and living as paupers while providing for those who work all the spoils of his business.

People who advocate for Jesus and for personal responsibility to endeavor toward making their own wealth through honest work are scorned and smeared by the Left. If these Leftists had any conscience at all they would run their own business and see how it feels when someone tells them they must give more to those who work for them than they acquire for themselves. No one creates a business so that others may prosper, but do so to provide a product or service that others need so they themselves may prosper, while those who work for them go along for the ride.

There has been much ado of late about people like Pope Francis being named “Man of the Year” by Time for attacking “unfettered capitalism” as evil and responding to Rush Limbaugh’s assertion that he is a Marxist who doesn’t understand how much capitalism has added to the wealth of the Catholic Church. In embracing him for this one error on his part, they overlook his stands against abortion, homosexuality, and gay marriage. When Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty recited the Bible’s position against homosexuality, adultery, and fornication to GQ magazine, A&E suspended him from their highest rated show, which resulted in his entire Christian family dumping A&E. He did not say anything hateful like ‘these people should die and go to Hell,’ but said that he, like Jesus, loves everyone and wants to see all people accept Christ as their Savior and forgiveness for their sins.

The Left, however, is not interested in redemption, but in justification of their sins through moral relativism. They have no interest in appealing to God whom they see as a fantasy of the weak-minded simpletons who are not “enlightened” with modern thinking. These are the same people that preach socialism as successful despite a century of watching it crash and burn. Leftists are not interested in tolerance they demand of others, but squash debate so that they will not be reminded of the wrongs they deny they do.

As Christians, those who accept Christ as their Savior understand that everyone is a sinner, but not everyone is saved. In a nation founded by conservative Christians, despite assertions by some that America is 80% Christian, the fact is that only 45% of people go to church and of them only about half have come to Christ. The remainder is there with family or friends or social networking. With the small number of non-church going Christians, the actual Christian population in the United States today is more likely around 25%, which accounts for how atheists and agnostics have become the dominating power.

As Christians, we know that asking God’s forgiveness and accepting Christ as our Savior does not automatically mean we are perfect, incapable of committing sins or being fooled.

“Becoming a Christian doesn’t mean I won’t fall, it means Jesus will catch me when I do.” – anonymous

Pope Francis also mistakenly endorsed evil doers when he said, “I have known people who are Marxist and they are good people.” It is easy to be taken in by people’s surface persona. His statement is akin to saying, “I’ve known people who are Nazis and they are good people.” The ignorant are too easily misled by such things. People do not remember that Adolf Hitler was as beloved and revered by the German people when they elected him as those who elected Obama. They do not remember that Nazis and Communists are both socialist states that were allied in WWII.

No one in America today truly fears potential Christian “terrorists,” but that doesn’t stop liberals like Obama from saying they are. The bile and filth the Left vomits on the Right is always justified in the minds of these self-righteous hypocrites, while the merest disagreement from the Right is reviled as the most contemptuous hatred by the Left requiring them to destroy the speaker. Such has been the fates of people like Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh. Such was the fate of a Caucasian carpenter from Nazareth two thousand years ago whose birth we celebrate on the Saturnalia by the spirit of St. Nick.

Liberals must destroy anyone who bursts their utopian bubble with reality



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