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Black Cat Appreciation Day recap

Black Cats make wonderful pets, too!
Black Cats make wonderful pets, too!
Michelle C. Hollow, Pet News and Views

Well, it is that time again. School is going back into session, Autumn is fast approaching and with it some great holidays that bring light to specific animals; specifically black cats.

In order to kick off the awareness of these sleek fine animals, yesterday feline lovers everywhere celebrated Black Cat Appreciation Day. As posted in Pet News and Views, the CATalyst Council, a national initiative comprised of animal health and welfare organizations working on behalf of cats, has some suggestions on how you can become aware of the unfortunate circumstances why black cats are overlooked in rescues and shelters. “Unfortunately, black cats are frequently in shelters longer than other cats because there is still some unfounded stigma against them,” says Dr. Jane Brunt, executive director of the CATalyst Council. “I share my home with a black cat and can attest to the fact that they make wonderful companions—he is just as loving and playful as my other two cats—a silver tabby and an orange tabby.”

Some of the ways that you can celebrate and recognize the love that black cats have to offer, not just on National Black Cat Appreciation Day, but throughout the entire year, is by embracing that these cats have just as much unconditional love to give but need acceptance.

Michelle C. Hollow suggested the following in her Pet News and Views blog:

· Be a Myth Buster. Surprisingly, some people still hold on to a superstition carried over from the Middle Ages (500 A.D. to 1500!) that black cats are unlucky or evil. “I can verify that my black cat has crossed my path on innumerable occasions without any negative consequences,” jokes Dr. Brunt.

· Consider adopting a black cat. Cat personalities aren’t linked to their coloration, as some people may believe. The best way to find a cat with the personality you’re looking for is to ask the staff at your local animal rescue or shelter which cat they have that would best mesh with your lifestyle. It’s more than likely that they have a petite panther with the temperament you’re looking for.

· Take your black cat to the veterinarian. If you already have a black cat, Black Cat Appreciation Day is a great day to schedule an annual wellness visit with your vet. What better way to show your appreciation for your feline friend than to ensure it receives a lifetime of care?

· Spread the word. Let other people know how great your black cat is by sharing your favorite story about your pet with your friends and family. Even better, consider sharing your story via social media.

· Celebrate your cat. Let your black cats know how much you appreciate them on this special day by giving them an extra scratch behind the ears or an extended play session. They’ll show they appreciate you right back with purrs and maybe a head butt.

All cats are special. Just like with people, color does not matter, it is what is inside that counts! So, the next time you are seeking a new feline companion, don’t bypass the black cats. They have love to give, too! Yesterday was just the first for the end of summer that shows that Black Cats need our love, too.

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