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Black Blood Brothers episode 7: Silver Blade

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You'd think that Mimiko would be distraught over the loss of her apartment. This doesn't turn out to be the case as we see that she's oddly...traught. When Jiro asks her about it, she says that she's impressed that no other room was damaged. Now, you might think that she's happy that no one was hurt. Again, wrong, she's happy that the place has such strong foundations that it didn't collapse. OK, granted, I'm not a demolitions expert, but wouldn't that be more a factor of using the right amount of explosives and placing them properly?

In any event, they go to the council to see what they should do. They're still against having Jiro here, though Zelman offers to take them in. He's still a fun character and he has an interesting dynamic with the other vampires. Apparently, they don't want humans knowing that the vampires are fighting among themselves. I don't see why humans would care. Wouldn't they be happy to hear this? I guess they don't want mankind to use this as an opportunity to press the advantage and increase their efforts.

While the council holds palaver, Jiro goes after August. It's a decent rampage, though the confrontation with Auguste is a bit anti-climactic. Even the revelation that he's a Kowloon child falls flat as he is quickly killed off, though he does leave other Kowloons in his wake.

A lot of this episode fell flat for me. The action was decent and Zelman was fun, the score can also be pretty effective but I still have a hard time getting invested in what's going on. The show is at its best when the focus is on Jiro, his brother, and Mimiko. Unfortunately, there are tons and tons of supporting characters who don't really bring much to the table. Were the show longer, I wouldn't mind seeing such a big ensemble, but this show doesn't really have the time to lollygag with some of this stuff.

There are parts where I see a lot of potential for this show, it just seems unwilling to tap into it. It makes it all the more frustrating to watch, but we'll see if it can pull things together before it runs out of episodes.

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