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Black Blood Brothers episode 5: Special Zone

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This episode puts you through some pretty severe mood whiplash. It's one thing for comedic shows to have serious moments or serious shows to have some comedic relief, but this shoots from one extreme end of the spectrum to the other.

Half of the episode centers around Mimiko's attempts to find a place for Jiro and Kotaro to live after co-habitation proves too vexing. It's really quite silly and it works on that level, but I feel like it is a bit out of place.

Mimiko's co-worker Hibari also adds to the goofy element of the show. She's more than a little bit of a ham. It's simultaneously kind of amusing, kind of annoying, and very peculiar.

Between goofy interplay, we get cuts to more serious plot elements like the council trying to decide what to do now that the legendary "Silver Sword" is in town. While many works of fiction have had the shadowy cabal of men in business suits, this scene managed to be pretty effective and it was one of the highlights of the episode.

We're also introduced to another antagonistic faction called the Coven. Hearing the name, you'd think that witches were going to become a factor, but it is just a clan of vampires. While their scenes are played more seriously, there is a bit of goofiness to them as well. They all dress up like Dracula, complete with huge collared capes and the "feeding" scene again tried to play up the erotic angle to the point of ridiculous. Seriously, what was with the sticking fingers in her mouth and having her suck them thing? It was unnecessary and seemed like something you'd see in hentai.

The Coven doesn't take kindly to Jiro's arrival and accosts him. While they do have him at gunpoint, he manages to use his abilities to take them down with little effort. The episode does end on something of a cliffhanger as August, one of the Coven's higher operatives launches a missile at the roof where Jiro is fighting.

We're given some information on how the Special Zone operates and we get some more insight into Jiro's back-story. I've actually rather liked the gradual reveal of his back-story. The scenes are brief, but they do reveal a little more with every scene, so it's been pretty effective.

I really wish this show would pick a tone and stick with it. It's trying to do a little bit of everything and while that can be done well, it's still difficult to figure out what this show is supposed to be. We're coming up on the halfway point of the show and it still feels like it hasn't found its groove yet. We'll see how things play out and hopefully a stronger story arc will start to assert itself as we come to the latter half of the show.

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