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Black Blood Brothers episode 3: The Kowloon Bloodline

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I can't get a read on this show. While the plot is fairly simple in nature (vampires vs humans) the world building still leaves a lot to be desired. More than that, though, the tone is all over the place. One minute the show is serious and dramatic, the next minute it's goofy. Characters change their mannerisms on the turn of a dime and nothing remains cohesive.

This episode isn't completely without merits. There are a lot of scenes that I liked. The exchange between Jiro and his interrogator was fun and it really showed how dedicated he was to protecting his little brother. It was heartwarming, but Jiro can be really menacing when he wants to be, even spooking his interrogator despite being bound. It was well done.

The scene with Mimiko and Kelly Wong was also entertaining. It suffers from mood whiplash, but both characters got a chance to show off their personality and it did give us some important information. Part of me is confused as to why a vampire needs to be explained what a "Kowloon child" is, but I really needed it so I'll let it slide.

In keeping with the idea that all vampires are different, Kowloons are a bit more old school as they only need to bite their victims to turn them, where as some of the newer bloodlines go with the more modern idea that the victim needs to bite back in order to turn. Interestingly, a Kowloon can turn a regular vampire into a Kowloon, which makes them a vampire for vampires.

Oddly enough, Kowloons kill those they feed on. You'd think that this would either be counter-intuitive, as they can't replicate, or that it would completely negate the threat of being turned. I guess they only keep new Kowloons around as long as they're useful? Considering Kowloons can control those they turn you'd think that they would want an army at their command, but that's just me.

Kowloons are a major threat as they have an array of abilities at hand that not only make them capable of taking out an entire suppression team, but also giving Jiro a run for his money. While he puts up a valiant fight, Jiro is unable to prevent the nefarious Kowloon from taking his brother as they head off to storm the special zone. Jiro says that they can't get in without an invitation, but Mimiko apparently gave them the go ahead. I'm not sure when that occurred, but my memory could just be hazy on that one.

There are some good ideas peppered throughout the episode. The show still has some kinks to work out, but I think that it's starting to find its footing. The stuff that it does well, it does really well, but there are still things that make me raise my eyebrow in confusion. Hopefully this show can work through it because I feel like there's potential here; the show just needs to do a better job of tapping into it.

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