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Black Blood Brothers episode 12: For the Eternal Pulse of Mine Bloodline...

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Thus, we finally reach the show's conclusion. As all finales should, this one brings quite a bit to the table. There is an abundance of action, of course, but there are also several major revelations.

The connection between Alice and Kotaro is finally brought to light. Thankfully, it isn't a "Sleepaway Camp" situation as I had surmised before, but a reincarnation. It also explains why Jiro came to the special zone in the first place as he wanted Kotaro to find new people to spend time with once Jiro gave up his life in order to bring Alice back. I'm not sure if Alice would override Kotaro or if the two would continue to exist as separate entities, but in any event, it means that Jiro intends to bring his life to an end.

We also learn of Cassa's motivations and what her endgame was. It comes at the last minute and it falls in this show's trap of pulling information out of thin air. In the show's final minutes, we learn that she was attempting to resurrect a powerful vampire known as the Kowloon King. I think it might have worked better if we had known more of him before this episode so that this revelation had a bit more kick to it.

Actually, seeing him brought back would have been interesting to see. From the way he is talked about, he sounds like a really powerful foe. Considering how powerful the vampires in this show are, it would have been cool to see someone that tests even their abilities. Seeing Kain, Sei, Zelman, and Jiro band together to take on one super-powerful vampire would have made for a really cool showdown.

In any event, the Cassa/Jiro showdown made for a nice climax. Jiro was really pushed to his limits, but it was still a great fight. I could have done without the over-dramatic yelling of each other's names during the fight. That got to be a bit ridiculous after a while.

I loved the music that accompanied this episode. There's this one rousing rock theme that plays as Jiro charges into battle and it even plays during the fight that worked really well. It really gets you pumped up and ready to see what's coming.

I'm not sure how Zaza worked. As the episode opens, Jiro is still being attacked, but then Jiro turns the tide and kills him. Then all of a sudden, Zaza is back on the ship and gets killed again. Were there two? Maybe the writers got confused, but it was really bizarre.

Speaking of bizarre, that whole underwater sequence was weird. I can buy vampires being able to hold their breaths for long periods of time (or not even needing to breathe for that matter), but Mimiko stays down there a very long time with no trouble whatsoever. No one seems to have a problem opening their mouths or even talking while underwater, which was also odd. I'd say that the writers forgot that they were underwater, but you can see air bubbles and they do swim around and occasionally the voice is garbled as it would be if you tried to speak underwater.

The episode acts as a nice resolution, but I feel like there was more story. Yeah, the three get a new place to live, a job, and you get the sense that they'll all be happy, but there are still plot threads left open. I think that the show needed more than 12 episodes. There is background that is necessary to understand certain things and you don't get it.

Overall, the show does bring a lot to the table. I liked the main characters, the scenes all successfully struck the mood they were going for (i.e. sad scenes were sad, funny scenes were actually funny) but there was a lack of consistency. The side characters weren't bad, but we learn barely anything about them and you wonder why they were even included in the first place. As said before, the soundtrack is also really effective. Sadly, the sum of its parts is greater than the whole as I was only really grabbed by the show in the final few episodes. The manga might be worth checking out. One would hope that the latter format would give the writers the time they need to establish the things they need to really bring this world to life, but that's not a guarantee. The show isn't a complete failure, but there was potential here that, sadly, was never reached.

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