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Black bear escapes from zoo enclosure to take 'a dip' in harbor seals' pool

Zoo officials tranquilized Oscar after his escape from his zoo enclosure. No one was hurt.
Photo by China Photos/Getty Images

Oscar, the 220 pound black bear at a southern Texas zoo is safely back in his sleeping quarters after escaping on Monday and wading into the pool of the harbor seals to find some relief from the Texas afternoon heat reported

No one; neither human, harbor seal or bear were injured at the Gladys Porter Zoo located in Brownsville. Visitors to the zoo were ushered into one of the buildings during the lockdown for approximately 90 minutes as Oscar was safely captured by zoo officials.

A witness observed Oscar digging into the cracks of the concrete wall with his claws which apparently enabled the clever bear to climb out of his "bear trappings." Once freed, Oscar casually strolled over to the pool with the harbor seals. Neither the seals nor the bear seemed bothered by each other's presence.

Zoo spokesperson, Cynthia Galvan stated:

"From what I understand everyone was just swimming around. They didn't seem bothered by the bear and the bear didn't seem bothered by them."

Zoo staff waited until Oscar finished his soak in the pool and used a dart gun to tranquilize him. He will remain in his interior enclosure until all repairs are finished.

As Winnie the Pooh says, "all's well that ends well."

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