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BizBash offers colorful Memorial Day party ideas

Flag of the USA
Flag of the USA
Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

BizBash just released their annual Design Issue centered on innovative design trends spotted at the most extraordinary events around the world. These colorful ideas can be used to keep guests happy during Memorial Day parties and at all your summer soirees.

According to BizBash, the color scheme affects the mood. It also conveys the message of the event. Choose beautifully updated furnishings, flowers and linens as well as cocktails and food in a certain color scheme. Red conveys passion while blue is calm and white is empowering. This combination is ideal for Memorial Day parties.

For future gatherings, orange represents fun and green is healing. Black expresses power and yellow is hopeful. Purple gives an event a luxurious feeling. Create your own combination of colors to establish a mood at upcoming events,

BizBash reports creative objects are being used to express themes. Lights are transformed into eye-catching chandeliers by using Baby's Breath. Wishbones are a lucky centerpiece and offer an intimate glow when placed over electric candles. Bikes filled with baskets of flowers are a summery way to showcase floral arrangements.

When the party happens at a hot spot, you want to keep your guests cool and comfortable. Use a wall of fans as a backdrop to the event. Setup your own snow cone bar complete with crushed ice and flavored syrups. Use meaningful or whimsical photos to make hand-held fans for each of your guests.

The food can be as visual as the décor. Usually food is the focal point at Memorial Day parties in the Hamptons. Use a burger skewer to put a fresh twist on a basic hamburger. Present wedge salad bites on forks for an easy-going, healthy snack. Finger foods are always convenient at summer soirees such as crunchy cheese sticks and ice pops made with a dash of sweet wine.

Tantalize your guests further by handing out compressed watermelon cubes with feta-red-onion relish and refreshing mint granite. Find more sensational tips for NYC Memorial Day parties and planning the hottest summer events in 2014 Design Issue of BizBash.

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