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Bird poop facial for the Fifth Avenue clientele top strange spa treatments

Bird Poop Facial in NYC? At $180 is it for you?
Bird Poop Facial in NYC? At $180 is it for you?
Warren Little/Getty Images

Bizarre spa treatments emerging from Asia, specifically Japan and Thailand, are nothing new in the quest for the fountain of youth, however, some may be nauseatingly unappealing as in the case of the bird poop facial offered to the swanky Fifth Avenue clientele in New York City, according to CBS News on Friday.

Many people believe in the old superstition that if a bird poops on you, you have been blessed. A spa in New York City is taking the wives’ tale and incorporating fowl feces into an anti-aging formula passed down through the generations.

CBS News visited the Shizuka New York Skin Care Salon located between 5th and 6th Avenue in Manhattan to learn more about the $180 exfoliating spa treatment. Spa owner, Shizuka Bernstein has been offering the Geisha Facial comprised of imported Asian nightingale excrement and rice bran to clients for the past five years.

The bird poop facial has become very popular, with reports of approximately 100 men and women visiting the spa to have the anti-aging treatment performed. A special enzyme in the feces apparently exfoliates the skin keeping it smooth and soft.

The Japanese beauty secret, aka the Geisha Facial, otherwise known as the Nightingale Facial, grew to poopularity in Japan where actors and Geishas originally used it stemming back to the 1600s. Owner Shizuka Bernstein learned the spa treatment from her mother and tries to utilize Asian tips and age defying services in her salon.

Dr. Michelle Green, a dermatologist from New York interviewed for the piece, stated that while the bird poop may have some rejuvenating effects, it wouldn’t be any different than a store-bought scrub.

Spa goers having the bird poop facial didn’t complain of an odor, rather claiming the Geisha Facial spa treatment smelled like rice. However, the ever-present NYC pigeon cannot offer its feces as they eat prefer to eat garbage.

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