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Bizarre murder in Texas creates National Headlines

Recently, a murder in Texas made national headlines. While sensational murder cases that capture the public's attention are certainly nothing new, murders allegedly committed with a strange murder weapon are certainly newsworthy.

In the case of a Texas woman, the murder weapon was apparently a stiletto heeled shoe. She was convicted of stabbing her boyfriend with the heel, over twenty times.

She was recently handed a life sentence for the crime, although her defense team claimed the crime was done in self-defense due to her boyfriend's abusive nature.

However, with the case now national news, many people have their own opinion on the case.

For one thing, the alleged murder weapon was certainly a different (and arguably more painful) choice. And the sheer violence of the crime, with over twenty stabs, is certainly different than other cases of self-defense.

The case will certainly go to appeal, so perhaps this is not the last that will be heard of the 'stiletto stabbing.'

While abuse in any relationship is not acceptable, matching violence with violence also should not be accepted.

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