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Bizarre kidnapping incident leaves Border Patrol agent’s family stunned

Bizarre kidnapping incident leaves Border Patrol agent’s family stunned
Bizarre kidnapping incident leaves Border Patrol agent’s family stunnedWikipedia photo

U.S. Border Patrol agent, Esteban Manzanares, 32, apparently committed suicide last week after a bizarre kidnapping and abduction incident that has left his family and the entire local Border Patrol agency stunned.

At the heart of the incident are a Honduras woman, her teenage daughter, and a female friend who crossed illegally into Texas last week. The details are sketchy and slow in coming from the FBI who is taking the lead on the investigation

What we know so far is that Agent Manzanares was at the end of his shift last Wednesday when the bizarre events began.

Through an interpreter the Honduran woman described how their little group crossed into America and surrendered to a uniformed man as soon as they were discovered.

According to her account, the man drove them upriver on the Rio Grande to a very remote area where he reportedly assaulted all three of them, then kidnapped her daughter.

The timeline is vague, but as soon as the Honduran woman was seen on a border security camera agents were dispatched. Although the woman had been assaulted and had her wrists cut, she was able to relay her story to the rescuing agents.

The hunt for Manzanares began immediately.

Some seven hours later, Manzanares was found dead in his apartment of an apparent gunshot wound. The teenage girl, also in the apartment, was naked, bound with duct tape, and terrified.

The women are not in custody, but remain in an undisclosed location. They have received medical attention for their injuries.

Authorities say due to the circumstances, the victims might be able to get special visas to stay in the United States to help law enforcement investigate the crime. The girls could be eligible for “green cards.”

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