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Bizarre Bits: Winter Olympic Games

With the Super Bowl wrapped up, it’s time to turn attention over to the Winter Olympics. With the world games here once again, this writer thought it was relevant to take a look at some of the various Winter Olympic video games. Were they good? Well...

The box art for WG.
Winter Games-1
This is the box art for M&S Sochi.
Sega, Nintendo

Winter Games: When it comes to the NES, one can't expect anything groundbreaking when it comes to sports games. That said one would at least think each mini game would clarify the rules on how to play. Nope. This is disastrous piece software from top to bottom: bad controls, awful music, poor graphics, etc. It was a pain to both play and watch. (1985)

Winter Olympics Lillehammer 94: All right, so graphically this game is a step up. The luge was actually well animated even by today's standards. However, due to similar control problems and a lack of, well, lets call it enthusiasm, this game stinks. There were good sports games at this time. How hard could it be? (1994)

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games: Let’s skip ahead fifteen years when an actually decent Winter Olympic video game came out. This is not a bad game by any means, but it’s not altogether terrible. However, the collection of events is mishandled with both frustrating controls and opponents that seem to be too incredibly good. As an “E” for everyone game marketed toward children and their families, this should be a bit simpler. It’s not as much of a train wreck compared to the previous two games, but that’s not exactly a praiseworthy statement either. Hah, perhaps a good Olympic game just can’t be made. (2009)

For a video version of Bizarre Bits, featuring these three games, head on over to ReActionExaminer on YouTube. As another note a Mario and Sonic game was released based on the Sochi games for the Wii U.

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