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Bizarre Bits: Retro Black History Month

Among all the hype around Valentine's Day, this writer forgot something important about February: Black history. So what better way to celebrate equality than to devote a Bizarre Bits episode to black protagonists? Yes, weird games see no color.

These are a few screenshots from this week's BB episode.
These are a few screenshots from this week's BB episode.
DJ Boy-1
This is the box art for the MJM.

DJ Boy: This game is...something else. It's pretty much a straight up brawler except for the fact that the hero and enemies are on rollerblades. It's kids vs kids, which may seem harmless until baby mafia thugs and girls chucking dynamite enter the ring. Oh and some minor racist caricatures. Yep, it's something else.

Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker: This game not only honors black history, but the memory of Michael Jackson as well. And yes, the good MJ before he became white. What's there to say about this classic? The chiptune versions of his songs are great, the gameplay featuring dance moves to slay enemies is priceless, plus there’s a monkey. Bizarre. Beautiful. Bananas.

Streets of Rage: This is one of the better-known beat'em ups. Nintendo had Double Dragon and Sega had Streets of Rage. There are three playable characters, but for the point of this write up, lets focus on the one black protagonists, Adam. It hardly matters which character is chosen since they all primarily play the same. The combat feels a bit stiff, but hey, at least the backgrounds are filled with eye blazing neon. Plus Adam is a very early black hero. Kudos SEGA.

For a video version of Bizarre Bits be sure to check out ReActionExaminer on YouTube.

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