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Bizarre Bits: 4 weird cooking games to improve your diet

A new year means new resolutions. This undoubtedly leads to people planning on loosing weight. Exercising is one thing, but eating healthy is another. Here are four cooking games for the Nintendo DS that may help keep that waistline trim. That, or cause immense fits of laughter, which may help as well.

The art for the YouTube video.
The art for the YouTube video.
Majesco Entertainment
This is a piece of art from the Cooking Mama series.
Majesco Entertainment

Cooking Mama: This series is pretty popular in both the west and Japan. With its colorful design, catchy music, and a vast array of dishes each makes it the best game on the list. The bizarre part? Well the cooking actions aren’t always precise and Mama burns souls when players mess up. But hey, the usual for a Japanese game, right?

Happy Cooking: Straight out of the, hey let's copy cooking mama book, this game is almost identical. It has an anime inspired design, a large menu to chose from, and so forth. However, Happy Cooking one-ups Mama by adding a story. Yes, a story in a cooking game. It's about a little girl that must learn to cook for her father before he gets home from business trip, early, as instructed by a spirit in the sky that possessed her stuffed animal. No joke, that's the plot.

Hell's Kitchen: With the voice of Mr. Grumpy Brit himself, one would think there would be some quality to this game. Nope. It's more of a restaurant manager simulator rather than a cooking one. It doesn't even instruct players on how to cook, nor a dish’s ingredients. To make a dish one simply needs to add different colored bowls together like green for vegetables, or brown for grains. And if a player screws up, Gordon Ramsay barely scolds them. Hell hath frozen over.

Iron Chef America Supreme Cuisine: The premise of this game is fairly identical to the show except players can choose the secret ingredient along with the recipe that goes with it. It's educational, in a way, but the graphics are ugly and the controls are confusing. The food in Mama and Happy look more appealing than the shiny stuff that’s churned out in this. Plus poor Alton Brown looks like a melted wax figure. In one sense, this may help someone loose weight: look at the game, vomit, repeat.

To see the Bizarre Bits crew in action, watch this video of the four games mentioned and check out more video game coverage on the accompanying YouTube channel, ReActionExaminer.