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Biz Data Brain

Are you having problems with handling the data for your company? Is it time to upgrade your data storage system? There's good news for you, especially if your business employs more than 100 people. David Hammer created a Cloud ERP creators building a MS Access-compatible app so anyone can do what we do without code to help businesses of all sizes.

During the initial phase of BDS’ development (BDS1) over the last year, the team of IT developers, process engineers and business people, “bubble-gummed” a map for every step of a business’ processes, relational databases and web app technology, to deliver custom-built, rapidly-deployed, cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions within 30 days which can be accessed by any device from any location and built by a developer without writing a single line of code unless the developer wishes to further automate.

They developed this low-cost, licensed, software-as-a-service (SaaS) for small-to-medium sized businesses with annual revenues ranging from $3mm-$25mm; and the result of what BDS has done during BDS1 has led to a one-of-a-kind cloud based ERP solution.

Reward include bumper stickers, phone consultations,AUTOMATE A SINGLE PROCESS. Sixty-minute scheduled phone consultation about how to automate a part of your business and much more!

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