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Bittersweet update on barn cats Sara, Lulu and Bullwinkle

Sara and Bullwinkle relaxing in the driveway of their barn home. that's Bullwinkle in front.
Sara and Bullwinkle relaxing in the driveway of their barn home. that's Bullwinkle in front.
Jeff Worth

When we last wrote about the barn cats, Sara, Lulu and Bullwinkle, the two girls had just been freed from their acclimation cage and were happily exploring their new barn home. Meanwhile, the third cat, Bullwinkle, a male who had settled into the barn a year earlier, was keeping a brotherly eye on the female kittens' antics and Jeff the barn owner was happy they were all getting along. All cats had been rescued by Feline Friends of New Hampshire and their placement was coordinated by our rescue group, Shelter Me Inc.

Today, we received this update on the cats from Jeff, the barn owner---

Lulu is either gone or living with a family down the road. She wandered off a couple of weeks ago in the middle of the day and we haven’t seen her since. A friend of ours down the road told me that there was a cat that started to visit her and the description was similar so maybe she found another home to live in. She did like to wander, at least compared to her sister Sara. She would sometimes come in at night soaking wet. And, she was almost completely a house cat when we last saw her so it’s certainly possible that she’s with another family.

Sara and Bullwinkle are completely bonded now. 9 out of 10 times where you see one, you see the other. The only time you don’t is in the middle of the day when Sara likes to sleep and lets Bullwinkle hunt and sun himself alone. In the last couple of weeks the two of them have been on a mouse / chipmunk kick. We get presents almost daily although Bullwinkle prefers to display…and then completely eat them. Bullwinkle is quite the mentor for Sara. You can see her taking his “advice” on how to act around strangers or what noise is “OK”. If I’m in the barn or the shop, Sara will scoot by me but can’t quite bring herself to rub against my leg yet.

I don’t think Sara will ever be a lap cat. She’ll let me pet her if she’s up on her cat ledge in the shop but she really has to be in the mood. Once I start, she loves the attention but most of the time she’d rather step just out of reach. Anyone else she’ll either run from or hiss and swipe at. I’m guessing that she’ll need another 6-8 months before I can regularly get her to stay in one spot in anticipation of being petted.

I’ve attached a couple of pics. One is Bullwinkle and Sara out near my truck. Remember how I said that where you see one, you usually find the other. Just seconds before I took the pic of both cats I had taken a snapshot of just Bullwinkle. I looked at my camera to see how it came out and when I looked up, there was Sara next to him so I snapped this shot.

The other is a quick picture of Sara sitting on her window seat today. She likes to watch me open the chicken coop in the morning. I don’t know why but if she hears me in the house, she’ll run out to the shop and jump up to see me outside. Then, she waits for me to come back into the barn and the shop. I think she really wants me to add more cat food to their bowl but I’ll pretend that she’s just happy to say “Good Morning”.

That’s the update. Keep your fingers crossed for Lulu. Something tells me she’s happy somewhere else.

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