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Bitter rivals join forces for shot at prestigious title

Ryan Hunter and JR Reynolds are not strangers, they are not friends, they are not acquaintances, in fact the two have been bitter rivals glaring across the ring at one another ready to do battle once again in what is always a brutal contest. The two are evenly matched, they are both hungry and in a sense they see the other as an obstacle to the next level. The hatred that is shared, though cliché, breeds contempt but that hatred and contempt is also what is driving them to come together, to unite and set aside their differences for a shot a glory, a chance to win the coveted Crockett Cup and to be recognized as one of the best tag teams on the indies.

JR Reynolds v. Ryan Hunter
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NWA World-Wide Wrestling will present the 2014 version of The Crockett Cup on September 20, 2014 in Castle Hayne, NC featuring some of the best teams on the Indies including Nitro (a former NWA National Heavyweight Champion) and Malice (a former NWA Eastern States Heavyweight Champion) joining forces once again.

The Crockett Cup began as a memorial tag team tournament that started in 1986 with The Road Warriors winning and in 1987 The Super Powers of Dusty Rhodes and Nikita Koloff would take home the trophy and finally in 1988 the team of Lex Luger and Sting would win the final version. The Cup would feature 24 of the top teams and the last team left standing would walk away with The Cup. NWA WWW will feature eight of the best teams in the Mid-Atlantic all vying to have their names included as Crockett Cup Champions.

Hunter and Reynolds, despite their differences, are two of the most intense (therefore the name of their collaboration “Intensity”) and hungry talents on the Indies and in the Mid-Atlantic.

“JR and I sat down after a show one night, we didn’t wrestle each other but we did watch each other wrestle and when we talked, we decided we could win this thing and by doing so it would elevate our careers,” Hunter said.

“That doesn’t mean once the Cup is over and we win that I won’t whip Ryan Hunter’s ass the next time we are in the ring,” Reynolds added. “We have unfinished business and one day, we will finish what we started over a year ago.”

Hunter and Reynolds battled each other in a brutal match earlier this year for the now defunct TCW promotion in Asheville, NC which saw both wind up with concussions, broken and bruised ribs and other injuries after Reynolds and Hunter crashed violently through a ringside barricade.

The embers that burn within them have them both wanting to be the best, to be noticed and to make it to the next level and whether it is as singles competitors or in a tag team, both are willing to set aside differences for the greater good.

“I’m all for this,” Reynolds said. “Once we win the Cup everyone is going to know who we are and maybe they will know the name JR Reynolds for being the guy who won the Crockett Cup and then obliterated his tag team partner and they will know Ryan for being the one who was demolished,” he added.

“I know what to watch out for with JR but I also know he is one hell of a tag team partner. He wants this as badly as I do and no one will stand in our way, even if it’s us,” Hunter noted. “I don’t trust him at all but knowing how much this means he, well we, will be focused. What happens after, let me just say I can whip someone’s ass with the best of them so if JR is planning anything he better think two or three times,” Hunter said.

Other teams slated to appear are “Fabulous” Frankie Fontaine/Luscious Lance, The LOK, The Carolina Heartthrob’s of Corey Duncom/Ty Tyson, Monsters Inc. which includes Andy Anderson/Human Predator, F1st Generation of Victor Andrews/James Anthony, The Thud Stable of Preston Quinn/Mark Bravura and OutLaw Inc. with Sam Bass and Ryan Nuzzi.

“The only ones we are worried about are Nitro and Malice,” Reynolds and Hunter agreed. “They have the edge in experience,” Hunter said. “Yeah just means they are old,” Reynolds added. “We are one equal footing with everyone else in our eyes but the LOK, this may be the time to disband them permanently,” Hunter said.

“We just going to come to the Cup and kick the hell out of everyone, period,” Reynolds shouted. “When this is all over people are going to know exactly what Intensity is all about and just who Ryan Hunter and JR Reynolds are. I cannot wait to get someone in the Full Nelson, I love to hear those bones snap and crackle,” Reynolds laughed.

Word has it that NWA World Heavyweight Champion “Ironman” Rob Conway will be making his way in to NWA WWW sometime in November to face the challenge of the current NWA National Heavyweight Champion Lou Marconi in what could be a match of the year candidate.

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