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Bitten in the Butt: 4 Leadership Flaws that Derail Success

4 Leadership Flaws that Derail Success
4 Leadership Flaws that Derail Success

Did you ever think about what a perfect place to work would be like, with the perfect boss? It would be some sort of paradise. Maybe Google is close, maybe Zappos is close. What other company can you think of that would be wonderful, marvelous and make you happy?

Here is a word of caution: There are always mosquitoes in paradise!

Leaders who do the following are those surrounded by mosquito's that bite and bite and bite… you as well as them.

Here is what to watch out for:

  • 1. Compass doesn't work: Managers who call themselves leaders. They may be good at execution but when it comes to a fork in the road they haven’t a clue which way is better.
  • 2. Compete no matter what: View everyone as a competitor and avoid asking for help or willingness to collaborate.
  • 3. Defend their position: Cannot admit mistakes and would rather go down with the ship than admit they were wrong.
  • 4. Talk it not walk it: They talk about urgency of getting things done and then take the afternoon for a leisurely lunch, day after day, after day.

Hang around these types of leaders and see where you have the most mosquito bites. I promise you will want to scratch all day.