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'Bitten' 'Summons' recap: They're family

BITTEN -- "Summons" Episode 101 -- Pictured: Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels
Steve Wilkie/Syfy

"Bitten" premiered on Syfy on Monday, Jan. 13, with "Summons," in which we were introduced to Elena and got just a tease about the young female werewolf's life.

"Bitten" opened up with a look at Elena's human life and how her werewolf side impacted it, namely, her sex life with Philip, as the urge and need to change caused her to have to make an excuse, get off of him, and get out of there fast. "We're kind of in the middle of something," he protested, but it didn't matter. She barely made it into an alley with enough time to strip before she changed – and it was painful. She ran off for the nearest park and went after a rabbit.

Elsewhere, after a woman was turned down by a man who asked about the Danvers and said he was there to break their rules – "You're a slut," he told her bluntly when she invited him back to her place – she was attacked by a werewolf on her way home.

Clayton Danvers lectured at the University of Upstate New York about repressed desires and the beast within. "We are animals, all of us," he told his class. "The only difference between humans and anything else is the persona, the mask behind which we hide all desires, everything that scares us about ourselves."

Elena told Logan about her night, and he didn't need to be a therapist to know why the changed had forced itself on her because she had waited 37 days between changes. She turned down his offer to run together, explaining she didn't want to run at all, and she didn't want to think about her former home either. "I am home now," she insisted.

The woman's body was found close enough to the Danvers' property that the Sheriff warned Jeremy they'd have to sweep it if a wolf was responsible. So began the calls and texts to come home to deal with the mutt, to Clay at work, Logan while he was with Rachel, Nick while he was in bed with a couple, and Elena after she had finished lunch with Philip's sister, Diane. Meanwhile, the man from the bar took note of the crime scene.

When Nick and Antonio arrived at Stonehaven, they and Clay joined Jeremy downstairs for a brief overview of what happened. Jeremy said he'd never smelled the werewolf before, but why was there a mutt in their territory breaking the rules and killing humans? They would deal with it as a pack, but they needed Elena, even though she hadn't shown any signs of returning since she left, because she was their best tracker.

Since she had ignored the earlier message from Jeremy, Logan called Elena while Philip was in the middle of accepting an award to ell her what had happened and remind her it was a "family obligation." She agreed to at least meet with him, and Peter was also waiting when she arrived the next day. She argued they shouldn't have to just drop their lives for this, but they wouldn't have these lives if a mutt exposed them.

And as much as Elena may have tried to escape her werewolf side, it did come in handy when a guy decided the best way to hit on her while she was out for drinks with Diane was to send over his hotel room key – and not let her walk away. "Sometimes it's to prevent anything bad from happening," Elena told her friend of the self-defense moves. "Other times, it's to prevent those things from happening again." With the Sheriff declaring the death a wolf kill, they had trigger-happy hunters and a killer mutt on their hands, meaning they needed Elena yesterday.

With that, Elena's two lives collided, as Philip saw a text from Jeremy for Elena to call home, and she told him he was part of her extended family, but they hadn't known about each other until she was an adult. She tried to ignore it, but Philip insisted she call back – they were family, after all. When Clay picked up, she hung up and claimed they were disconnected, and Nick pointed out that reminding her of why she left was not the way to get her to come.

That night, Elena went running with Logan, who was heading home the following afternoon. "We're family," he said. They stripped, changed, and went running, and she saved him from a coyote, but someone was recording it on their phone. The next morning, Logan explained he was telling Rachel that a cousin was in a serious car accident, but they didn't know much, serious enough to keep someone from asking questions and vague enough to not get caught up in the details. As much as Elena wanted to leave her past behind, she couldn't. "You're a werewolf," he told her. "There is no out."

So Elena gave Philip a version of what Logan was telling Rachel and told him Logan was her cousin, not therapist. He sent her on her way, and she returned to Stonehaven. "I know what people think of this place. Nothing up there scares me," she told the cab driver as he let her out at the gate, where Clay was waiting for her.

Elsewhere, the man from the bar was in bed with a woman. He got up and went into the bathroom, and when she heard a noise – "I think I can help with that," she called out – and checked on him, he attacked. Was he the mutt?

"Bitten" season 1 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on Syfy. What did you think of the premiere "Summons"?

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