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BitFlip Games to debut Minion Master at PAX Prime 2012

Indie studio BitFlip Games will be debuting Minion Master at PAX Prime 2012. The title is a mashup of tabletop gaming, turn based, RTS, and CCG. Enough genres for you? PAX attendees that stop by the BitFlip booth will receive limited edition cards.

The deckbuilding game is unique in its approach to handling the melting pot of genres, hints of Magic: The Gathering, Starcraft, and even Cabals: The Card Game wafting from the mixing bowl. Played like a digital board game of sorts, players control their CCG based armies on a hex-grid. Minion Master is expected to include support for up to 6 players for co-op and versus play.

“Our mission with Minion Master has been to bring together the worlds of tabletop and video games in a fun, approachable way”, says David Steinwedel, Executive Producer of BitFlip Games, “We’ve been heavily influenced by classics such as Magic: The Gathering and Starcraft. With the help of a dedicated community (whose feedback we rely on in shaping the future of the universe), we look forward to showcasing the latest build at PAX Prime 2012”.

Minion Master is scheduled for a fall PC release. Pre-orders will receive 25% off the expected retail price of $20. In addition, pre-orders procured before the end of PAX Prime 2012 come with a special character.

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