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Bites of Love

Strawberries, Chocolate, Oysters….all special foods considered to enhance your love life (or lack thereof). But there are other foods that are considered to be just as if not more effective, and you would never have guessed.
• Salmon: its Omega-3 packed properties can stimulate sexual stamina, as well as enhancing your mood, fighting depression, attributes to glowing skin and increases brain power. Sexy and Smart – a winning combination for a special someone!
• Watermelon: If you want to get someone’s blood racing – this amino acid rich fruit increases blood flow and assists in dilation of the blood vessels. It’s also a boost for those experiencing mental or physical lows. In short, to keep this PG-13, move over Viagra – watermelon can have many of the same effects minus negative reactions to pharmaceutical drugs.
• Asparagus: Increased histamine production in the body helps enhance those warm and fuzzy feelings by giving extra doses of folate.
• Blueberries: There’s no feeling “blue” when you pop a handful of these natural beauties. Blueberries can increase the body’s natural ability to release dopamine, which is energizing and as an added bonus, can be excellent in helping win the battle against aging.
• Pumpkin seeds: If Oysters aren’t your thing – then Pumpkin seeds are the next best bed. Sharing the high in zinc quality, these seeds are also high in essential fatty acids. These Omega -3s acids assist in releasing hormone like substances.
• Garlic: garlic breath won’t be an issue when the Allicin contents are released and increase blood flow to organs. It’s considered to be, although it takes a while to act, a powerful aphrodisiac. Best bet is to pop these in vitamin form for thirty days to start seeing the benefits.
Other sweetheart pleasing foods are Avocados and Peanuts. Each one of these mentioned foods, eaten alone or included in your Valentine’s Day, or special occasion menu, can help cupid’s arrow to stick.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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