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Bite wounds on gentle 12-year-old stray senior Boxer left to fend for herself

Casey is 12-years-old and was found as a stray. No one even bothered to spay her. Please help. She is listed as extremely loving and friendly.
Casey is 12-years-old and was found as a stray. No one even bothered to spay her. Please help. She is listed as extremely loving and friendly.Analisa Delgado

Casey was picked up by Apple Valley Animal Services as a stray; no one knows her history, but the 12-year-old senior purebred Boxer has deep bite wounds on her back after an aggressive dog attacked her. Now being cared for and treated with antibiotics, it is time to find a safe home for Casey to spend the rest of her time enjoying life. Don't you agree?

Casey (ID#13511) will be available for adoption, foster care or rescue by an approved organization with funds to help, on Wednesday, July 23. Several rescue organizations have expressed an interest in bringing her into their rescues, however are in need of a qualified foster home to participate in her rescue.

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Casey #135511's Story...
Came in as a Stray. Available for adoption 7/23/14 WT: 64 lbs Approx. 12 yrs, Female. Ears appear to be infected. Dog is alert, very nice. Dog was seen by emerg. vet for puncture wounds to the shoulder, which has been cleaned and is on meds

Facts about Casey #135511

Breed: Boxer Mix
Color: Brown/Chocolate
Age: Adult
Size: Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
Sex: Female
ID#: 135511

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Apple Valley Animal Services
22131 Powhatan Rd
Apple Valley CA
( 760 ) 240 7000 ext 7555

After the story about Rumble: Boxer dumped at animal shelter because he's too old appeared, dozens of readers have inquired about adopting this dog. Please consider adopting Casey. The staff member who is treating Casey stated:

"... no stitches as of yesterday when I went to see her. The lady taking care of her said she's absolutely sweet and just wants to be let and loved."

Please share Casey's story with your friends, family and coworkers. It only takes a moment to share this dog's story, and it only takes one person to make that special connection and follow through with Casey's successful rescue.

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