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Bitcoin works for charity and global good

Bitcoin Center Offers Classes On The Digital Currency
Bitcoin Center Offers Classes On The Digital Currency
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

The Bitcoin2014 conference in Amsterdam rewarded Matthew Kenahan, who missed his college graduation to attend the conference by granting him and his organization, the Bitcoin Society, “The Most Impactful Charity” award. That is only a start for his plans to provide global non-profit work through Bitcoin, according to his interview with Coin Desk.

He was also awarded the “Bitcoin Champion” award from the Blockchain Award or Blockie committee. Kenahan is starting to turn around the image of Bitcoin that ran afoul with the law last year due to the Silk Road arrests by the F.B.I. His plan is to promote charitable efforts globally and grow the image of Bitcoin for use as a tool for good.

Kenahan placed his 1BTC winnings from the Blockchain Award to the Women’s Annex Foundation, which promotes women’s digital literacy and increase use of the Internet. He sent out a Twitter message to confirm the contribution to the group from the Amsterdam event.

The spirit of using Bitcoin as a tool had begun earlier this year in Africa to support animal welfare and in the Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice out of London-based NGO. They work for justice, human rights and reconciliation in Sri Lanka and with the help of Bitcoin can work anonymously to obtain support.

Kenahan is following the path opened by existing organizations such as the Botswana’s SOS Children’s Villages. The organization founded in 1980 provides for orphaned and abandoned children. The website explains its mission is to “aim to develop children into responsible and independent adults who will have the inner strength to cope with the challenges of the future.”

The United States Department of Labor is affiliated with SOS Children’s Villages in order to prevent exploitation of child labor. Its mission is to establish educational programs from kindergarten through school activities for children and placement into schools and universities for higher learner.

African bitcoin campaigner Alkaline Itireleng sees the use of Bitcoin for advancement for education as, “I want to help make this project a reality not only or those children in SOS but to show that bitcoin is the right and only authentic way of building the community, the funds raised go straight to where they are needed.”

Alkaline who has launched Bitcoin Botswana and is organizing more events to promote bitcoin and the relationship to economic freedom in building a local business gave a presentation at the Amsterdam conference on the work of promoting Bitcoin and selling Bitcoin merchandise for global sale.

Kenahan applauds and supports the transparency of Bitcoin for charitable use, “[Bitcoin] allows you to create a unique address, for a very specific cause [...] we see both the incoming and outgoing transactions, and we can see that it’s used for a very specific cause.”

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