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Bitcoin provides money making opportunities for graphic designers

Bitcoin appears in articles each day in print and in online news reports. Good news of successful ventures of ATMs, retail and other merchant acceptance of bitcoins, Bitcoin seminars, events and even the dark side of some exchanges that have been shut down with arrests made by the FBI are spurring on the Bitcoin ventures and options for venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.

Now, CoinDesk, the online site for the voice and news on Bitcoin activities has some interesting statistics about a business expansion related to Bitcoin. Online graphic design entrepreneurs are finding exciting and creative opportunities developing websites for businesses that are Bitcoin trading exchanges, retail and other merchants in the marketplace who need Bitcoin websites and graphic designers.

CoinDesk found that an online graphic design specialist in San Francisco, 99designs, serves the entrepreneur requiring logos and professional branding has been matching business owners with designers who compete in design for the job and win cash prize for the original and captivating design winner.

The tracking of ventures and designs for bitcoin-related activity has had a dramatic increase in January of 49% for new business started in design production. As of last year, 87% of their bitcoin contest has been held since November.

The numbers are even more astounding for 99designs which had received 28 million designs submitted to its website for all types of design contest consideration, with $63m paid out to designers globally as of November 23, 2013. This means opportunity to create visibility for Bitcoin designers and more than 60 projects have completed the process to date.

Does the volatility of the Bitcoin ventures and problems with illegal activities and scandals deter Bitcoin new venture in design? Public relations manager Lauren Gard assessed her community’s interest in bitcoin, as she was curious to see whether recent setbacks had adversely impacted entrepreneurs. The data show Bitcoin is increasing in popularity and opportunities.

Gard said, ‘in the case of bitcoin, as we followed its rise and dive and the various related scandals in casual conversation, we became curious to know whether entrepreneurs were still seeing green.’

Designers looking for a way to submit their talent and entrepreneurs looking for that special and unique graphic design can go to the 99designs official website to obtain information about the process and how to get started.

For those merchants and entrepreneurs who are using bitcoin in payment or buying with bitcoin can go to the Design Panoply, which is the first place where you can buy graphic design resources using bitcoin. You will also receive 25% off everything in the store any time you pay via bitcoin. For those of you who are bitcoin-ready, all you have to do is select ‘Bitpay’ as your payment method when you checkout, then pay your invoice using bitcoins and submit your order explains Design Panoply.

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