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Bitcoin miners are now for sale on the WalMart website

Bitcoin miner
Bitcoin miner
Butterfly Labs

Bitcoin, the controversial cryptocurrency, has taken the world by storm. Bitcoins may be obtained in a few different ways including purchasing them locally or through an exchange, or through mining. Many people have been learning about bitcoins recently, especially since large corporations have begun to embrace the currency. Now, people can buy bitcoin miners on the website of WalMart.

Mining is "the process of adding transaction records to the bitcoin public ledger of past transactions", known as the block chain, and mining gives the person doing it newly created bitcoins. Since the total amount of bitcoins to be created will be limited to 21 million, mining has become quite competitive. One may use their own computer for mining, but many purchase mining hardware. The mining hardware is made specifically for mining bitcoins, and is more efficient.

TigerDirect is third party retailer selling bitcoin miners through WalMart. The Butterfly Labs Bitcoin Miner on sale through WalMart’s website is lower priced when purchased directly through Butterfly Labs, but simply having them available on the WalMart website may help introduce even more people to the relatively new digital currency.