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Bitcoin interview with Mi Casa Home Health Care Part 2

We resume our interview with Racquel Ricci of Mi Casa Home Health Care and find out the advantages of using Bitcoin for both the business provider and the client. Discussions on the topics each day on CoinDesk have provided consideration. Despite today's Warren Buffett view we talked about the benefits and how to secure an owner's account when using Bitcoin.

Q: What have the savings been for you compared to credit card merchant fees?

Racquel: Coinbase charges no fees on the first million of revenue and then charges a small fixed rate after that amount. We are considering how to offer a 1% deduction in bill for a client who pays with a Bitcoin transaction.

Q: Do you know of any other health care services that use Bitcoin for payment?

Racquel: We are aware of a medical clinic and some Doctors but we have not found in our search a home health care provider. We believe that we are the first to offer this service for payment.

Q: Are there any negatives in use of Bitcoin?

Racquel: Our only concern is a reputable Bitcoin service provider. My husband researched the sources available and Coinbase maintains most of the bitcoin crypto-currency offline in a cold storage. That is very important to us. Peace of mind is important that bitcoin currency can be stored and an exchange to USD funds easily transferred to our bank here in New Mexico.

Also, we are looking at buying office supplies and equipment with a merchant who accepts Bitcoin in payment and has the same system of security in managing their Bitcoin clients. Mt.Gox bankruptcy and other websites like Silk Road concern us to investigate very closely the use of Bitcoin for our clients as a choice of payment. We have been watching and reading on Coin Desk that on Tuesday New York’s Superintendent of Financial Services, Benjamin M. Lawsky, had announced that the state is now accepting applications from merchants for use of Bitcoin transactions. This is good to see the expanded acceptance and regulation of Bitcoin.

Racquel, thank you for your time and input as a business owner about the benefits that you have received from Bitcoin. Please, keep us updated on your expansion and future client use of Bitcoin.

For more on Bitcoin and its future see the video atop this article with Sr. Columnist Mike Casey of the WSJ.

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