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Bitcoin becomes the comic book

It is easy to find Bitcoin books online but it was only a matter of time before creativity would take over Bitcoin. Coin Desk reports today the announcement of Bitcoin: The Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto which is written by Alex Preukschat and Josep Busuet. The well-known illustrator Jose Angel Ares Garcia does the graphic work.

Buy bitcoin comic book with bitcoin
Satoshi Nakamoto

The comic book was previewed at the London CoinSummit this past week. It however, will be released in October in Spanish only. When an English version will become available is not yet announced.

Preukschat became interested in bitcoin after an introduction from software developer Amir Taaki. He attended the 2013 London Summit and became a believer that bitcoin technology use of its own algorithm is one of the most technological advances of our new millennium.

Since Satoshi Nakamoto is elusive and unknown it is a great opportunity to develop a comic storybook line about the developer or is it a group of developers? Is the Satoshi Nakamoto a forward thinking techie who saw an opportunity to respond to the financial breakdown of 2008 or is it a mad genius who wants to control the world?

Preukschat believes that the unknown Satoshi Nakamoto is best. Why reveal such a dynamic character? He finds so much is available to discuss through the comic book amidst the bitcoin culture. It is tantalizing and can now have a true comic book hero. Could Stan Lee be behind the Satoshi Nakamoto legend? Perhaps, a movie looms in the not too distant future?

Satoshi Nakamoto has a girlfriend named Katerina and extras can apply for voice parts on the next comic book by filling out a form on the website and contributing bitcoin. The highest amount of bitcoin contributed to the project will have the speaking part and do expect to be killed off! The second and third place contributors will have cameo appearances. Remember that Superman began as a cameo appearance extra in Little Orphan Annie.

The mystery grows and continues as bitcoin circles the globe for good or evil. Read the comic book and find out how bitcoin will become a part of not only cryptocurrency but comic book culture. There may be a television series in this to move American Dad aside.

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