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Bitcoin and 2014 FIFA Soccer help charities around the globe

Bitcoin is branding itself as part of a charitable opportunity to give bitcoin donations to worthy recipients attached to the 2014 FIFA World Cup. As of today there are 10 companies from across the world’s regional bitcoin economies to participate and provide bitcoin support to the 2014 Bitcoin Donation Cup, reports Coin Desk.

England Training & Press Conference - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil
Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Early participants signed on are companies from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and the US which is done with BitPay, Xapo, Mercado Bitcoin and Unisend.

The participants in the bitcoin fund raising drive approve other participants and BitPay processes the bitcoin. Wherever the World Cup is being viewed, fundraisers can bring QR scan codes to the locations to process the bitcoin to BitPay. Currently, BitPay provides this method to its bitcoin merchant clients who are able within less than a minute process bitcoin payment.

Connie Gallippi, founder and Executive Director of BitGive told Coin Desk that bitcoin users around the world are coming out to support this event and many other charities world-wide. It is increasing awareness of bitcoin for transaction use and the ease of contributing to charitable causes around the globe.

Bitcoin Society fostered “The Most Impactful Charity” award at the Bitcoin2014 conference in Amsterdam last month and named Mathew Kenaham the award recipient for his global non-profit work with Bitcoin.

In the spirit of the award and with his example, Kenahan placed his 1BTC winnings to the Women’s Annex Foundation which promotes women’s digital literacy use of the Internet.

The spirit of charitable giving with bitcoin has been seen this past year in the Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice out of London-based NGO. They work for justice, human rights and reconciliation in Sri Lanka and with the help of Bitcoin can work anonymously to obtain support.

Also, Kenahan and other leaders of bitcoin for charitable organizations mirror the path opened by existing organizations such as the Botswana’s SOS Children’s Villages.

Now, 2014 FIFA World Cup has an opportunity to continue such exemplary programs and extend it throughout the viewing world of the most prestigious soccer event.

To promote bitcoin for charitable giving there is a website listed as "Cool Places" for promoting bitcoin and how to scan your bitcoins to the charitable Bitcoin Donation Cup. Bitcoin has come a long way in the less than a year from the dark days of "Silk Road" arrests and misuse of bitcoin.

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