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Bitcoin added to Google search engine and a new cryptology project

Bitcoin known as the peer-to-peer crypto currency which extends globally without geographical borders or a bank relationship is meeting its goal to be known and used worldwide. Google lists Bitcoin posted today on the International Business Times.

Las Vegas Casino Installs Bitcoin ATM
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A bitcoin enthusiast who wants an update price or exchange rate can do an entire search in the Google Inc. search engine.

Google the keeper of the global information and search for what is listed on the planet allows for a user to simply enter on the computer the bitcoin name. Google Finance integrated data from Coinbase, a bitcoin wallet and a Bitcoin exchange the information today for the virtual currency. This is another choice since Bitcoin is listed on Coin Desk each day.

Since the Coinbase API is used on Google, anyone who uses Google can see a graph of current and past bitcoin values compared to U.S. dollars. This is a user friendly and easy source for a bitcoin investor or payment user. Conversions are available also as a helpful tool on Google.

Prior to this conversion Microsoft Corp. listed bitcoin currency conversions to Bing and the integration of bitcoin prices into Yahoo Finance by Yahoo! Inc.

This acceptance into Google Finance data section is not only a step up in credibility but Newegg announced on Tuesday that it has a week-long Bitcoin Discount promotion that will be available until July 22. This discount program will allow Bitcoin customers to save 10 percent up to $100 USD converted from bitcoin on any purchases with payment in bitcoin and with the promo code. Bitcoin has been embraced by merchants because of huge reduction in processing cost to the merchant when accepting payment in bitcoin.

The Newegg offer has never before been offered by the company and it signals the acceptance of bitcoin and its preferred use as a payment method. This is an important endorsement for Bitcoin to be accepted by a major retailer who is investing in the future of bitcoin.

Bitcoin is also in process to make use of the bitcoin wallet more users friendly. Two crypto developers, Chris Coyne and Maxwell Krohn, who states, “Without a good way to map identities to public keys, most interesting crypto-based systems can’t get off the ground.”

They have a new project called Keybase. The two crypto supporters are attempting to make cryptographic keys, like those used for bitcoin wallets, easier for everyone to use. Individuals who step into the bitcoin world of payment usage find that there is a cryptographic key pair for every wallet. There is the public wallet which is advertised as the address and a private key controlled by the owner of the wallet.

Coyne, said: “In 2014, you know people by their online presence. You know them by their Twitter name, their personal website, and so on. Keybase is a protocol for people to sign statements and announce them to the public.”

If Keybase usage catches on with crypto currency bitcoin users then Coyne and Krohn will design a “killer app” as they term it to be used for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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