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Bit.Trip Core soundtrack released

The Bit.Trip Core OST artwork.
The Bit.Trip Core OST artwork.
Gaijin Games

Most music games on the Wii involve some sort of peripheral, be it a plastic guitar or dance pad. An exception to this are the Bit.Trip games. While not a music title in the traditional sense, the three games in the series so far all place a strong emphasis on their musical content.

Gaijin Games says they operate “With the belief that storytelling isn’t just a matter of moving images and/or words, Gaijin Games strives to tell stories through music as well,” so it’s only natural soundtracks from their games would see a release. Bit.Trip Beat’s soundtrack was released in 2009, and the soundtrack to Bit.Trip Core, the second game of the series, was released today.

The soundtrack features 10 songs, which range from 16 seconds to 3 minutes, 55 seconds long. Songs cost $0.99 individually, or one can purchase the entire album for $5.99.

The soundtrack features chiptune artist Bubblyfish (real name Haeyoung Kim), who works creating experimental music. She has worked as a composer, sound designer and audio engineer.

The album can be purchased here.