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bistroMD will get you on a healthier track


It’s a new year so isn’t it time you got started on the right track to a better, healthier you? We all know how important diet and exercise are in our quest to lose weight but isn’t there an easier way? bistroMD thinks so.

Instead of signing up for a diet filled with protein shakes that leave you feeling hungry and wishing you could eat something, this alternative to traditional dieting includes simply eating healthier through portion controlled meals.

When you sign up for the bistroMD diet delivery program, you will receive great tasting, fresh and natural dishes sent directly to your home. Simply place in the microwave for under five minutes for a deliciously healthy meal.

We recently tried the five-day program, which includes meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. While exercise should be included as part of your daily routine, bistroMD is designed to offer weight loss meals prepared fresh by top chefs that include natural ingredients. Each dish has minimal to no chemicals or fillers and tastes delicious.

For starters, we began day one with a steak and onion omelet, moved onto a juicy chicken Romanesco for lunch and finished the day off with salmon and pepper coulis. At the end of the first day, we were happily satiated. The second day included a morning of Odyssey chicken crepes with Waldorf apples, an afternoon of almond lemon crusted tilapia and a dinner of chicken with Greek inspired lentils (our favorite dish). Moving right along, day three started off with a Monte Cristo with cherry hash, skinny turkey meatloaf for lunch and French style chicken Normandy for dinner.

All of these meals are designed by doctors, chefs and dietitians so you know you are eating healthier. By the end of the week, we were still enjoying our meals. The fourth day’s menu included filling berry crepes for breakfast, a tasty pistachio chicken for lunch and shepherd’s pie for dinner. Each dish was hearty enough to carry us over until the next meal.

Our final delicious day concluded with a bagel with egg white and seasoned ham, pulled pork Carolina for lunch and chicken tikka masala for dinner. All clients have access to registered dietitians, as well as to helpful program materials, and weekly newsletters. The five-day program is $129.95. For more information, visit