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Bison at Yellowstone National Park

This small herd was in Hayden Valley at Yellowstone
This small herd was in Hayden Valley at Yellowstone
M Jester

Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming is famous for its plentiful wildlife. Bison are one of the species that visitors always hope to see. According to the National Park Service (NPS) website bison have been living in the Yellowstone area continuously since prehistoric times.

Upon entry to the park visitors are given several brochures. One brochure outlines the danger of approaching bison. There have been incidents in the past where visitors have been seriously injured and even killed by bison.

These animals are huge, strong, and very fast. Bison can sprint faster than humans can run. They have horns that cause serious injury. One famous film clip shown at the park shows a man being hurled up into a tree by a bison!

Enjoy seeing bison at Yellowstone Park. Just be sure to follow NPS guidelines and approach no closer than 25 yards.You don’t want to be come another sad statistic at Yellowstone!