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Bison and animals leaving Yellowstone Park: Sensing a supervolcano coming?

The animals seen leaving Yellowstone National Park recently indicates that a supervolcano is imminent, this is what some believe today. Bison and elk were seen traveling down the roads in herds moving away from Yellowstone recently and the tourists witnessing the numbers of animals on the move have expressed concern, according to Fox News on April 4.

Bison and other animals leaving Yellowstone National Park sparks theory of Supervolcano on the way and the animals know it.
YouTube screen shot

After the March 30, earth quake at Yellowstone people took notice of the animals on the move away from the area. The 4.8 quake is theorized as a precursor to a bigger and stronger earth quake and many think the animals instinctively know this and that is why they are leaving the area.

The Public Affairs Chief Al Nash said what folks are seeing in the normal move to lower elevations that the animals embark on every year at this time. Once the park starts to get green, they come back, but right now they are literally on the move for greener pastures below.

Nash reports that Yellowstone sees anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 earth quakes every year. Critics would say that the animals leaving have never sparked concerns online before and as far as earth quakes go, Yellowstone quakes are small.

Animals would be on the move to avoid a big quake people are theorizing today. They are used to the small quakes that happen, it would take a big one to make them move out of the area, so say the folks with concerns buzzing online. Then the experts weigh in and predict when that big quake might rumble through Yellowstone. From their predictions, it won't be anytime soon!

The Seismograph Station at the University of Utah reports that a super volcano eruption is unlikely to occur over the next 1,000 even 10,000 years.

Check out the video of the bison walking down the road away from Yellowstone above.

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