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Bishop Otto Hines, author of "Why Women Act Out" visits the Baltimore area 9/10

Why Women Act Out by Otto Hines
Why Women Act Out by Otto Hines
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On Saturday, September 10, 2011 the author of one of the most provocative titles released this year ("Why Women Act Out") will be visiting the Baltimore area for a book signing at Promise Land Church Ministries (4510 Highview Ave. Baltimore, MD 21229.) The author, Bishop Otto Hines (Kingdom Building Worship Ministries) who currently resides near Atlanta, GA will be traveling to the area to promote his book. However, most importantly he is promoting a message that is all about achieving wholeness through the power and word of God. Hines, who is also known to many as the "Relationship Guru" has counseled hundreds of women who have suffered through mental anguish and emotional distresses that have literally compelled them to act or re-act in a manner that is completely out of their character hence the term "act out." Never once meaning to be-little or even exploit the emotional complexities of women, Hines rather uses his book as a tool to appeal to women in order to promote healing in their lives and ultimately healing the the family unit. Hines who not only counsels women but also men and couples, uses real case studies that show real stories of women who some may be able to identify with. Finally, Hines has sought to offer solutions by first identifying the root cause of the issue.

Some have responded to Hines' work by asking "when is Why MEN Act Out going to be published?" in which the author always shares a little inside scoop on how his own 13 year old daughter was the first one to actually hint around to ponder that question. Hines who has been married (happily we might add) for over 20 years, admits that he didn't always understand some of the emotional differences in his own relationship. This even further compelled him to learn more about his own wife in order to enhance their marriage. Over the years, Hines has developed a heart, a burden for the countless women who have sat before him for counsel and he realized that this cry from the hearts of women was widespread. This is why he decided to write this book.

If you are in the Baltimore area, please do stop by and greet Bishop Hines as he will be signing copies of the book and also reading excerpts and answering questions. If you do not live in the area and still would like to purchase a copy of "Why Women Act Out" please click here to visit To book Bishop Hines to speak at your women's fellowship, book club or other function please contact Visit the authors "Relationship Corner" on Facebook to stay connected.