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Bishop, newest probie on ‘NCIS’, causes fan upset

NCIS newest probie, Ellie Bishop
NCIS newest probie, Ellie Bishop photo gallery

Fans are abuzz about the newcomer to “NCIS”, and it’s not all good. The addition of NSA Analyst Ellie Bishop has been met with mixed feelings and viewers are not shy about sharing just what they think after Gibbs welcomed her to the team as the newest probie (probationary agent) on Tuesday, February 4 during “Monsters and Men”.

Bishop, played by Emily Wickersham, has some big shoes to fill on the “NCIS” cast, replacing Cote de Pablo (former Mossad Agent Ziva David) and her predecessor, Sasha Alexander (former Secret Service Agent Caitlyn (Kate) Todd). Ziva and Kate had completely different personalities, yet both fit in with the rest of the team with ease. Tough when she needed to be, Kate had just enough of the Catholic schoolgirl in her to bring out the protectiveness of her teammates. Ziva could carry her own in any situation, yet as her character grew season after season, we saw her as a woman struggling with torn loyalties.

What Wickersham’s character will bring to the show remains to be seen. She’s young and pretty, which seems to be a requirement for female members of the “NCIS” cast, but recent comments by unhappy fans think CBS missed the mark by adding Bishop, as evidenced by this sampling of posts on the “NCIS” fan page:

Bishop nothing personal but you don't fit in NCIS

Bishop has ruined my favorite show, at least go back to 3 man team so I can watch again. Miss my Abby, gibbs, ducky. Lol

Can't stand her...don't watch my most favorite show anymore because she destroys it and the other characters.

Bishop has made me quit the show. They gave her too big of a role, upstaging the old crew. Get rid of her.

One fan said it all on Twitter, and didn’t need nearly 140 characters to do it:

#NCIS blows without Ziva. The Bishop broad sucks.

One lone positive comment stood out on Twitter amongst all the negative:

That was an awesome episode of #NCIS I miss Ziva; but I love Bishop :) "Welcome aboard probie"

Will fan reaction be enough to cause Bishop’s early demise, or will CBS take a cue and help her character grow?

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