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Bishop Bobby Davis drops dead from pulpit confessing affair to his flock

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Connecticut Bishop Bobby Davis confessed to an affair from his pulpit and then dropped dead on the spot in front of his congregation. It seems that the Bishop of the Miracle Faith World Outreach Church in Bridgeport got a mixed reaction from his congregation when coming clean about his extramarital activities, according to the Connecticut Post on March 13.

After mass the Bishop's family asked his parishioners to stay behind as Davis had something he wanted to say. Apparently he had told his wife earlier and she insisted that he come clean with the people he preaches to each week. Witnesses said he was under duress when reporting his escapades to the group of parishioners, a move that was orchestrated by his wife.

Davis dropped to the floor after getting the words out about his cheating. This was an affair that took place a long time ago and he was asking for his followers’ forgiveness. His parishioners started yelling to him “we forgive you,” “we love you,” but the “commotion” must have got to him, a church member said. The congregation was loud, but Judy Stovall, who is a church elder, said the people were yelling words of support to the Bishop.

Davis was pronounced dead at Bridgeport Hospital and while people are saying he had a heart attack, police are still investigating his death today. Police have interviewed the people who were at the church and reviewing video that one of the parishioners filmed.