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Birthers vs. Truthers, two sides of the same coin?


The Good Side of the Coin

Birthers vs. Truthers, two sides of the same coin?

Surprisingly, these two groups have more in common than either would be willing to admit. Birthers, as they’ve become known, are relentlessly trying to force the release of Obama’s original birth certificate, while Truthers are convinced that the Bush Administration either conspired with the 9/11 attackers or detonated the Twin Towers, Pentagon and United flight 82 themselves, and then manufactured all the (commonly accepted) evidence, in order to legitimize their war “for oil” in Iraq.

Ultimately, those seeking Obama’s (un-copied and un-redacted) birth and college admissions records hope they will prove his ineligibility to serve as President and force his Impeachment and resignation in disgrace. Birthers want to prove Obama a liar, driving a stake into the heart of his popularity and arresting his socialist policies and agenda of appeasement before American capitalism and exceptionalism are destroyed forever.

Similarly, Truthers tried for 7 years to bring down President Bush by any means possible. Even now, 150 days after Bush left office, Truthers are still just as exercised and motivated as ever. And, like a fundraiser on KBDI said live, on the air, during a recent “membership” drive, they won’t be satisfied until Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove, Wolfowitz and all other Neo-Cons are criminally prosecuted and then water boarded – just for good measure!

Not content to let the electorate sort out these issues, these two divergent groups both want to dramatically alter the status quo. While the Bush administration produced every document the 9/11 Commission requested, Obama has used millions, in unspent campaign cash, to fund dozens of lawyers to oppose every legal effort to obtain these documents, which could easily be made available.

And, while taxpayer-funded PBS affiliates broadcast Truther conspiracy videos as fundraisers and hawk their DVDs as premiums, the Obama administration has been strong-arming media outlets, all over this country, to prevent any advertising, reporting or discussion of the Birthers’ concerns.

Two sides of the same coin? Heads – Truthers win, Tails – Birthers lose….so far


  • bjedwards 5 years ago

    The one good outcome with both 9/11 Deniers and "Birthers" is that they are so obsessed with their self delusions that it keeps them out of more serious trouble they otherwise would get themselves into.

    Like Holocaust Deniers, both groups will be endlessly whining years hence that they have the "truth" despite NEVER being able to demonstrate it with evidence.

    And both groups of deniers wonder why we laugh at them.

  • Constitutionalist 5 years ago

    The difference, and it an absolutely huge one, is that the Bithers are asking for documents that are KNOWN to exist and Obama is using lawyers in court to actively hide them, while your other examples are seeking documents that are NOT known to exist and no one is actively defending them in court.

  • Man 5 years ago

    Deniers on all sides are sad and often deranged.
    Saying one is a winner and the other is a loser is just more denial.

    Laughing at them is good, ignoring them is better. Best is to live your life not obsess over someone's else.

  • Gregg 5 years ago

    Many "Birthers" are Independents and Democrats (as well as Republicans). One of those leading the charge is Philip J. Berg, a life-long Democrat and former deputy attorney general for Pennsylvania. The shame isn't on the "Birthers" but on Obama for continuing to block the release of his long-form birth certificate which would indicate the actual hospital and delivering doctor. Strange that Hawaii lawmakers have voted to make the apartment building where Barry grew up a national landmark, but no proud hospital or doctor has come forward to proclaim they delivered “Dear Leader”. Now, the Obots are saying, “So what if he WAS born in Kenya?” Maybe that doesn't matter to many Americans, but what should is that the man may be a pathological and felonious liar and that mainstream media, and Hawaiian politicians are his enablers. The truth may never be revealed, but what has been revealed is that Obama has surrounded himself with Israel-first, dual-citizens, and globalist banker apparatch