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Birthers silent regarding Canadian born Ted Cruz

Canadian born Ted Cruz may run for President of the United States. Will the Birthers react?
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Senator Ted Cruz R-TX is exploring candidacy as President of the United States. However, Ted Cruz was not born in the United States of America. Cruz was born in Canada.

According to Politico, Ted Cruz will renounce his Canadian citizenship. But the question on people’s mind, how will the Birthers react?

Legally Entitled Citizenship

According to United States Constitution, Ted Cruz is a natural born American citizen, and a natural born Canadian citizen. “Natural born” means that one is legally entitled to citizenship at birth.

Ted Cruz has a mother who was a natural born American citizen. She and Ted Cruz’s father, a man who was born in Cuba, both resided in Canada when Cruz was born.

Because Cruz had one parent who was an American citizen, this automatically gave him American citizenship. Because he was born is Canada, this also granted him citizenship as a Canadian.

The Birther Witch-Hunt

The Birthers have hounded President Obama since he took office, because they believe that he was born in Kenya.

Although President Obama released his birth certificate to the public, revealing he was born in Hawaii, the Birthers have relentlessly continued their harassing pursuit.


Is it possible that the Birthers do not understand the fact that Obama's mother was an American citizen?

Is it possible the Birthers do not understand that even if Obama was born in Kenya, he would still be qualified to be President of the United States?

If Ted Cruz becomes a presidential candidate, will the Birthers go after Ted Cruz with the same passion and enthusiasm?

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