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Birther Update


A Close Examination of the "evidence"

Birther Update.

In the past couple of weeks since I last reported on the controversy surrounding Obama’s refusal to release his actual birth certificate, there have been many developments:

The far-left agitators at Media Matters have publicly called on CNN to fire Lou Dobbs, because he has taken to regularly asking for Obama to stop spending millions (in leftover campaign funds) to prevent the release of his original birth certificate. Dobbs wants Obama to make the issue moot, even as he’s repeatedly stated that he believes Obama was born in Hawaii.

Obama’s suggestion that the anger being expressed at Town hall meetings is “manufactured” apparently wasn't seen as strong enough, so the Democratic National Committee, in a new web video, is depicting the protestors as irrational Birthers who want to "destroy" President Obama.

Stanley Ann Dunham, Barack Obama's mother, was registered for college in Seattle only 15 days after reportedly delivering her first-born child in Honolulu, according to school records obtained by WND. How Dunham was able to travel the 2,680 air miles from Honolulu to Seattle only a few days after the birth of her baby is not disclosed in the currently available public record concerning President Obama's birth. Ann Dunham's transcript from the University of Washington shows she continued to take classes there through the spring term 1962, which suggests she not only abandoned Barack Obama Sr. in Hawaii, but also that she remained in Seattle to continue her studies there well into 1962, contrary to the narrative Obama laid out in his book, Dreams from My Father. Additionally, new information given by the woman who rented a Seattle apartment to Obama’s mom and baby sat the infant Obama, indicates that Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Sr., did not live together as man and wife after the birth of Barack Obama Jr., which further conflicts with what Obama wrote in his book.

After a new photo, of a birth certificate showing Obama was born in Kenya, was posted on line, Harry Reid took to the Senate floor and added to the official Congressional Record that the entire eligibility dispute was not worth one minute of time.

FOX News, MSNBC and the Tonight Show have also now devoted broadcast time to the Birthers and this larger issue of Obama’s refusal to release the one document that could end this controversy once and for all. And, while much of this coverage is framed to make those seeking a resolution to this issue, as conspiritorialists and even Racists, there’s no dispute that the question of Obama’s voracity, as well as his eligibility to serve, is not going away and, in fact, is picking up steam every day.


  • OldGaDawg 5 years ago

    NO THIS ISSUE SHOULD NOT BE SWEPT UP UNDER THE RUG... Our U.S Constitution requires this and other information that Mr. Obama has yet to release.
    Yes this problem can be brought to a close if he "Mr. Obama" would release documents showing the truth. What has he to hide in showing these documents that he has repeatedly kept secret by hiring lawyers to keep these documents from being viewed and the U.S. Constitution being upheld as be the laws governed therein.
    Mr. Obama - as I've stated several times in comments here and past" Where's these documents that are needed to show if you are truly our Commander and Chief?" The more time that you take to keep these from being viewed the more chances you take to having this issue become worse beyond belief...

  • Mr.Logic 5 years ago

    This whole mess is Obama's own fault. If he can't resolve a simple constitutional issue like his status of "natural born" birth, how can he EVER resolve any of the many other important and complicated issues facing this nation?

    Even the Supreme Court seems to be throwing the whole issue back to Obama to just come clean. It is like the Court is saying, "You broke it, you fix it" one in government wants to waste their own time on HIS mess.

  • RNet 5 years ago

    What if the goverment asked us for this information? If we didn't give it up exactly when they said we would be fined or in jail. This man works for us and isn't above the law. Obama (or whoever he takes orders from) needs to answer the citizens questions before this gets much worse.

  • James 5 years ago

    Never wanted a *igger president anyway!

  • James 5 years ago

    Too many mad coons in my America!

  • Stan 5 years ago

    You people are C R A Z Y!

    The dude was born in Hawaii. Get over it already, and stop forging Kenyan birth certificates.

  • godzilla 5 years ago

    The right wing-nutz always have and always will, serve this nation with mis-information, greed and fear mongering...not to mention down right stupidity. What they offer as "service", is actually rape. The only fear we as a nation should have is letting anymore redneck, inbred, LIEING, assh*les like all of you to get anywhere near the whitehouse or any other political office. Everything thats good in this country is because Dems made it SS, regulations, fair wages, etc....all thats bad in this country is because the Rep's made it, financial meltdown (re: greed and de-regulation)unjust war (Iran "invaded" by fear-mongering and LIES) and the promotion of RELIGION....the greatest contribution to the ultimate downfall of the entire human race. Be happy...YOU caused the mess....we, the left, will clean it usual.

  • Jason 5 years ago

    End the Mass Media Brainwashing of Americans

    "The Recent News play has been enormously positive for Obama. We have received eyewitness reports from entertainers that say that their job will end if they speak badly about Obama. There is a concerted effort in the media to constantly play up what a good job Obama is doing. In the past 3 months, over 14,000 news journalists have been laid off! The nexus of news people is very small and controllable now." - David Jon Sponheim

  • walrus 5 years ago

    The truth is that the white house was stalling for time while they hired Sasquatch to photoshop up a real looking birth certificate for President Obama. The problem is that sasquatch can't spell for s@@@ and they had to reject several of sasquatch's photoshop submissions. Also, not to be too critical of sasquatch's photoshop abilities, but "he gave us several excuses such as he isn't used to MACs, mrs. sasquatch doesn't want me late for dinner again, etc."...the white house has said, "sorry, but the jig is up, sasquatch has let us down. Please inform the public that president Obama will be stepping down and a new election will be planned as soon as possible. On a side note, sasquatch is testing the waters for a presidential run for the new special election. Republicans spurred on a new birther movement against sasquatch saying that he is really a person named yeti that is chinese born".

  • Keith 5 years ago

    You are aware that the Kenyon birth certificate was a fake right? The creator of it said so. Plus it had many flaws:
    Kenya was a Dominion the date this certificate was allegedly issued and would not become a republic for 8 months.

    Mombasa belonged to Zanzibar when Obama was born, not Kenya.

    Obama's father's village would be nearer to Nairobi, not Mombasa.

    The number 47O44-- 47 is Obama's age when he became president, followed by the letter O (not a zero) followed by 44--he is the 44th president.

    EF Lavender is a laundry detergent.