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Birthday Party Ideas for Teens in LA

M&M Cupcake
M&M Cupcake
Sugarbloom Cupcakes

Different teens opt for different birthday themes depending upon what they enjoy so when thinking about birthday parties take into consideration you’re teen’s personality.

The Outdoor Teen
Laser Tag is a great team game and suitable for a large group of teens.
Paintball has the same idea except it can be hosted in your back garden. A large outdoor space is required and it is guaranteed to be messy.

The Extravagant Teen
Limo Ride to a venue or just around town
Restaurant meal
Dance with prom dresses and tux and live performance

The Lounging Teen
Poolside party, with loungers and a barbecue.
Slumber party with movies, makeovers and midnight feasts

The Sporty Teen
Team Game Match, a game of football, rounders, netball, baseball, American football etc in an open field with spectators, barbecue/snacks and a medals/rosettes/mini trophies for the winning teams and for the runner ups (to be fair)
Extreme Sport such as rock climbing, skiing (on artificial slopes)

The Experimental Teen

Learning a New Skill defence skills such as judo and karate, diving, dance classes, beauty; hairdressing, something teens can go away and build up on if they so wish

The Indulgant Teen
Shopping put aside some money to splash out on a new outfit, accompanies with a meal, more suitable for a very small group or just teen and parent and or sibling of similar age
New Look go for a complete makeover, change your look, hair, style.

The Adventurous Teen
Scavenger Hunt a team hunt that is mentally challenging and takes teens across the town, throw in a few riddles in the check lists and have local people in on the game (e.g. lollipop man, shopkeeper) to provide clues.
Assault Courses make one of your own or take teens to a centre, a physically challenging and exciting pursuit and a rewarding accomplishment.

At the end of the day teens just want to have fun, they also prefer to do things their way so before you decide on something, talk about it with your teen and approve of it together.



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