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Birthday parties for girls: Funny Fashions Party

Girls will get a kick out of a Funny Fashions birthday party
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

When planning a birthday party for girls, you want something fun that will bring out the giggles and not the groans. If you’re thinking about a diva birthday party but want something a little different, consider throwing a Funny Fashions Birthday Party . The theme of this party is fashion–with a twist! Your little fashion divas will get all glammed up, but the end result will be comical. Have your camera ready to capture their final “runway” moments after they complete these activities:

Dressed in the dark

You can play this game either literally in the dark, or with each guest blindfolded. Lay out several containers, each with a different type of garment inside. For instance, one container might hold shirts with wild prints or play dresses, another would hold scarves, another might have costume jewelry, one might have silly socks, and still another could hold hats. You can add to this any way you choose with sunglasses, aprons, jackets, feather boas, Hawaiian leis, tutus, leg warmers, shoes, etc.

Each person will have a buddy to help them get dressed up. The blindfolded person, or person groping through each container in the dark, will select an item to wear. The buddy will help them put it on. They will continue until an item has been chosen from each container. Then it’s someone else’s turn. One by one, as the blindfolds come off, the girls will laugh at their silly, mixed-up outfits.

Makeup Mix-up

In this game, one blindfolded person applies makeup to another. The blindfolded person is allowed to feel the face of her subject, but no peeking. In the end, each girl may end up with eyeshadow smeared across her temples, lipstick bigger than her lips, and other hilarious looks.

Nutty nail salon

Purchase several wild colors of fingernail polish including glittery pinks, bright orange, neon green, etc. Place the bottles inside a pillowcase or bag where they can’t be seen from the outside. Have each girl choose one bottle of polish from the bag. Then let her friends choose the remaining colors. The results should be a mixture of two to five crazy color combinations.

Hilarious Hair

In this activity one person can be the hair stylist, or girls can team up to be each other’s hair stylist. The idea is to create all kinds of silly pony tail, pig tail, braided, spiked or gelled looks. You can even add temporary hair spray hair color in wild colors with the parents’ permission. You’ll need hair gel, hair spray, silly barrettes in shapes like bananas or tropical birds, and lots of colorful pony tail holders and clips.

When everyone is all glammed up, you can have them either walk a runway you’ve created with an aisle runner or long tablecloth, or you can let them pose inside empty picture frames for pictures. If you’re quick with your computer, you can send each girl home with a photo of herself, or you can send one later with her thank you card.

Snacks for this party might include nail polish marshmallows (large marshmallows tinged with food coloring and topped with an unwrapped Tootsie Roll as a handle), eye mask shaped cookies, candy purses (a movie-theater size box of candy with licorice attached for handles), or high-heeled shoe cupcakes.

When you’re in need of a great birthday party theme for girls, this zany Funny Fashions Party will be an event that keeps them giggling for a long time.

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