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Birth of rare zedonk brings national attention to Mexican zoo

Geneticists have told us that the chromosomes of zebras and donkeys are incompatible, but no one told Ignacio, a white dwarf albino donkey, or Rayas, a female zebra who gave birth to a zedonk, zonkey, zebroid, or whatever you want to call the adorable little calf reported ABCNews.

Meet the Reynosa's Zoo latest arrival; a Zonkey baby now named Khumba.
YouTube freeze shot/ABC

On April 21, the world welcomed the little critter with the face of a donkey, the skin and coat color of a donkey, but with striking zebra stripes on his four legs.

So how did Mother Nature pull this one off? It seems that Ignacio's blue-eyes must have attracted the sweet lass Rayas, and everyday the zebra would welcome the mule's company; obviously a little too much "horse play" for the two? After all, Ignacio lives at a nearby farm and won't be denying his paternity.

The little guy has been named Khumba.

Only two other zonkeys have been documented; one was born in China and another was born in Italy.

Looks like the Reynosa Zoo will have a lot of visitors coming to see the adorable little guy.

Welcome to the world Khumba.

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