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Bowe Bergdahl lives in an unreal world. He couldn’t get in the French Foreign Legion so he joined the Army in order to help the Afghan people, as if the Army is a sort of social work program. Why not join the Peace Corps?

Eventually, disillusioned with reality, hating America, he deserted. Note that his fellow soldiers said “He deserted us.” Not that he deserted the Army, or his country. He deserted us. What Bergdahl did, he did to the other men. This became clearer when some half dozen of those men died trying to find him, maybe more. Will their deaths ever become a reality to him?

Obama’s reality is that he traded Bergdahl for five Gitmo prisoners that he knows, because he said so, are very likely to kill more Americans.

Bergdahl should be court-martialed. What are the odds that the White House will prevent that from happening?

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