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Birth control vasectomies and tubal ligation does not always work

For years vasectomies and tubal ligation procedures have always been thought of as a permanent solution to birth control.

Men beware if you are through producing babies and no longer want to make your partner pregnant you need to know that vasectomies do not always work.

An article on WebMD:

Vasectomies Don't Always Prevent Pregnancy states that a study done a few years back found that 1 in 100 vasectomies may actually fail to prevent pregnancy as long as five years after the procedure being done.

The report states that out of 540 women 6 became pregnant after their partners had a vasectomy.

The researchers have been doing comparison failure rates between vasectomies and the female sterilization method of getting their fallopian tubes tied or cut.

Researchers say that the rates are comparable between the two, meaning that pregnancy can occur whether you have had a vasectomy or a tubal ligation procedure.

Other forms of birth control are male condoms, female condoms, birth control pills, vaginal ring, IUD, birth control shots, patches, sponges, implants, spermicidal, diaphragm, cervical cap used with a spermicidal, and emergency contraception used within 72 hours of being raped or in some cases some women use it when no birth control was used.

As for the emergency contraception 72 hour after pill, it is not advisable to use regularly for your chosen method of birth control.

Most birth control methods do not protect against (STD) sexually transmitted diseases but wearing a condom will help but does not always prevent diseases from being transferred to your partner.

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