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Birmingham in Spring: A time for new growth!

Hello Birmingham and Welcome to Spring!

It seems an appropriate time to begin things, doesn’t it? After all, for the Christian crowd, we are entering into Holy Week where many celebrate Jesus’s resurrection; the old religion of Paganism celebrated Oestara at the solstice, which the official send-off of winter, and the welcome of spring; we cannot deny that new life is budding and blossoming all over our area, so why not clear out, cultivate, and make room for new life within you as well?

For many of you who feel a stirring inside you for newness to emerge, there’s the question of “What would I like to try?” Here’s some of the many awesome soul-nurturing activities and events that not only make a person feel good, but also pulls together like-minded individuals who are on a path of deepening the spiritual experience.

Sunday, April 1, Stephen hosts his Hot Soul class at The Yoga Circle at 4:00 PM. As always, Stephen shares his knowledge as he guides the yogis through an amazing, and HOT, workout. In addition, The Yoga Circle has just added a few classes, so surely there’s a teacher and a style that is perfect for you—just go check them out. Laura Jasper now teaches a Monday morning at 9:30, Shawn Galin has a Thursday at noon (a longer Ashtanga flow), and Lauren Fields has the Friday at 10:00 AM slot. There are full descriptions of classes and teachers on the website at, and there are special offerings and discounts as well.

Next, the first Wednesday of each month is the wondrous exploration of sound, chant, and love within a great community. It’s called Kirtan Satsang. This circle of sacred sound, led by Shannon Skipper and Jasper Wolfe (area yoga teachers), is sure to stir up the ground within, making it ready for all sorts of newness to spring forward. It’s at 7:30 PM in Homewood at Blissful Heights Integrative Healing. It’s a free event, but donations are welcome and encouraged! (See for the address and other offerings).

Kerry Meon started a detox series on Tuesday of last week at Birmingham Yoga. This is kundalini yoga with the focus on the endocrine system, and flushing out the toxins. Each set of movements (kriyas) serve a specific purpose in conjunction with mantras, which activate meridians within these beautiful and wonderful bodies we carry around. This series of four classes is 25% over, but if it resonates with you, contact Kerry at or through This class meets from 5:00-6:15 PM on Tuesdays. See Birmingham Yoga’s site for a complete description as well as complete class schedules. April is the last full month of being at 1st Avenue Rocks; mid-May is the expected grand opening of the new location! (More on that later.)

Also at Birmingham Yoga on April 7th, Ingrid Propst is hosting a benefit for the MS Society. This is Ingrid’s way of giving back to a great cause, while bringing yoga to the community. Suggested donation is $10. Class starts at 2:00 PM.

The newest place to try on yoga is Studio Zen Fitness. They are hosting a yoga workshop for anyone new to yoga, or for anyone to brush up on their basics. Sam Shouse and Lauren Fields will co-lead its participants through a gentle vinyasa flow with a special focus on the sun salutations. This workshop is Saturday, April 21 from 1-5 and is $45 if registered by 4/14. Space is limited, so contact the studio to reserve your place! or on Facebook.

If you are not yet ready for the physical demands of yoga, but feel the call of meditation, The How of Tao might be where you should go for advice. Deb Paradise has expanded her business and is now offering workshops. Her new advice column on Facebook, the Tattood Buddhist, shows her creativity and joy that she puts into her work. Her first workshop, at a yurt in Gurley, will be on May 5, but you will need to register by April 15. You can reach Deb through her Facebook page or through her site You could also reach her through her at

Valerie Nunnelly leads Shamanic exploration and workshops throughout the year and can be reached through Facebook or her site at .

If you want to be involved in group meditations, but cannot for whatever reason attend anything (busy schedule, location, or whatever), this just might be perfect for you: Global Sadhana. Sadhana is a morning devotion meant to be done the 2.5 hours before the sun comes up. (No, you don’t have to do it for 2.5 hours, but the people I know enjoy it so much, they sometimes find themselves practicing for longer and longer times.) The kind folks of Spirit Voyage have put together 40 day sadhanas with specific intent. This again is the kundalini yoga tradition which is sacred, powerful, and focused on very specific areas of the body and of life, concurrently working on the body, the mind, and the spirit with each kriya. This 40 day meditation began on March 27, and will end on May 5. We all know the power of 40 days of anything: it’s the magical number throughout history and within religions, as being the time it takes to fully integrate something new (and in kundalini's case--divine) into life. The current focus is on expanding intuition. Go to the site read all about it, and if you want to join ten thousand--make that eleven-- of us during the pre-dawn days, just pull up the link and sing along!

Laurie is a writer, an educator, and a healer. Her new business Healing CenterEd is still being formed but will offer workshops beginning in late May or early June on such topics as "Journaling to Heal," "The Gifts of Grief: Finding Gratitude in Loss," "Mindfulness Training in an Over-Stimulating World," and more. Her book, Journal to the Center of the Soul, is available online through any bookseller. She is also available for Reiki sessions, ceremonies with multi faith needs, secular ceremonies, and much more. Sat nam.


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