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Birmingham City Council pulls funding from BJCAC: response from a BJCAC employee

Scrat is one of the dogs at BJCAC who will be cared for without funding
Scrat is one of the dogs at BJCAC who will be cared for without funding

In response to the Birmingham City Council after they pulled all funding from the local animal shelter, Birmingham Jefferson County Animal Control, the adoption coordinator, Phil Doster, had this to say:

Wow. Feeling pretty hurt today. BJC has done a lot of good, and I feel like we are about to turn a corner on education and getting in to communities to help them understand how they can help.

Garland, myself, and the rest of the staff at BJC... will continue to care for the Birmingham animals at BJC with full support of our director. This IS the effort of two specific councillors. Councilor Austin and Councilor Abbott have both expressed concerns about the conditions of the shelter(that doesn't belong to us). If the city wants to buy us a new shelter, I have several locations picked out and a choice of architects ready. They also stated that the "same people are calling about the same stray animals". Until we have the enforcement power to give citations, repeat offenders will exist. When citizens continue to be irresponsible... the city will continue to have problems.

When meeting with Councilor Smitherman on Friday at her request, I was treated with disrespect and was told that I would not be given time to respond to accusations that were made. Furthermore, I was told by the Councilor's husband, Senator Smitherman, that until we "get the stray population under control", no efforts would be given to help us with spay/neuter legislation, additional cruelty empowerment, or other tools for use in helping Birmingham animals.

The staff at BJCAC will continue to care for the animals FOR NO PAY. They are dedicated caregivers. Dedication, caregiving, responsibility, these are ideas the Birmingham City Council obviously does not understand.

Please support BJCAC in their efforts to care for the animals already at the facility. Call the city council to voice your concern.


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