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Birds: What message are they giving you? (Part two)

Birds: What message are they giving you? (Part two)
Birds: What message are they giving you? (Part two)
Tom Tracery

With the return of spring comes the return of birds. Some say we are given messages from birds to assist us in our life's journey.

To benefit from these messages, we must remain alert to spot them, as well as open to trust them. Just as in the bird world, ideas require an incubation period before hatching.

Last week, we looked at 25 birds native to the Great Lakes. This week, we explore another 25 local birds. Unlock their symbolism to discover the message being delivered to you:

26. Martin
Symbol: Teamwork, cooperation, taking flight.
Message: Be aware of opportunities involving others.

27. Meadowlark
Symbol: Balance in spiritual journey, realizing potential, better times to come.
Message: Follow your intuition, particularly about your surroundings.

28. Nuthatch
Symbol: Faith, ingenuity, agility, dwellings.
Message: Be aware: You are moving and rebuilding your surroundings and yourself.

29. Oriole
Symbol: New events, discovery of inner self, nourishment and being resourceful.
Message: Be mindful of your diet as you stand to gain much health.

30. Osprey
Symbol: Accuracy, timing, tenacity.
Message: Step out of your comfort zone to grab opportunities.

31. Owl
Symbol: Patience, wisdom, vision.
Message: Demonstrate patience while unveiling deceptions.

32. Pheasant
Symbol: Fertility, family, love, reconciliation.
Message: What insight are you gaining in family matters?

33. Raven
Symbol: Magic, awareness, change from dark to light.
Message: Be aware of omens that guide your inner self and promote healing.

34. Redwing Blackbird
Symbol: New awakenings.
Message: Move forward in your life.

35. Robin
Symbol: Growth, renewal, changes, joy.
Message: Believe in yourself and your new beginnings.

36. Sapsucker
Symbol: Grounding, rhythm, hidden meanings.
Message: Find ways to balance your mental, physical and Spiritual world.

37. Seagulls
Symbol: Perspective, cooperation, currents.
Message: Go with the flow.

38. Sparrow
Symbol: Assertion, empowerment, shared work.
Message: Work harder on things you value while discarding things which no longer serve you.

39. Starling
Symbol: Relationships, communication, sensitivity towards others.
Message: What lesson do you need to learn from others? What tasks have you been putting-off?

40. Swallow
Symbol: Fellowship, tenacity, quickness.
Message: Use the flow of thoughts and ideas to lift and renew.

41. Swan
Symbol: Inner beauty that is reflected outward, empathy, transformation.
Message: Trust your feelings and get to know yourself better.

42. Thrasher
Symbol: Announcer, protector, transformer.
Message: Focus on what needs to be done around the home.

43. Titmouse:
Symbol: Honesty, curiosity, flexibility, empowerment.
Message: Be aware in social settings.

44. Towhee:
Symbol: Persistence, revelation, balance of open and closed communication.
Message: You are missing something: Try a different perspective.

45. Turkey:
Symbol: Blessings, harvest, timing.
Message: Listen to your inner voice in order to achieve emotional, physical and Spiritual peace.

46. Vulture:
Symbol: Efficiency, patience, purification, truth
Message: Your clear purpose is awakening.

47, Warbler:
Symbol: Energy, movement, tenacity.
Message: Think about what direction you want to go and what you need to accomplish this.

48. Whippoorwill:
Symbol: Dreams, subconscious, night vision.
Message: Keep a low profile while revealing what is hidden.

49. Woodpecker
Symbol: Connection, rhythm, patience, tenacity, grounding to earth
Message: Find deeper meanings in patterns and coincidences.

50. Wren:
Symbol: Alertness, vitality, journey, fortitude.
Message: You are entering a new period of activity. Go for it.

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