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Birds: What messages are they giving you? (Part two)
Tom Tracery

With the return of spring comes the return of birds. Some say we are given messages from birds to assist us in our life's journey.

To benefit from these messages, we must remain alert to spot them, as well as open to trust them.

Here in the northern Great Lakes, the Anishinaabe cross paths with many birds. When a bird presents itself to you, traditionalists believe a message is being delivered.

The following are listed 25 of 50 local birds. Unlock their symbolism to discover the message being delivered to you:

1. Bluebird
Symbol: Joy, inside and out.
Message: Look for joy in your life and celebrate it.

2. Blue Jay
Symbol: Spirit guide of potential and resourcefulness.
Message: Follow you intuition and balance your thoughts with action.

3. Bobolink
Symbol: Synchronicity, awakening of latent gifts.
Message: Move forward with cooperation and patience.

4. Cardinal
Symbol: Vitality and brilliance in awakened insights.
Message: Voice your ideas with enthusiasm while listening to others.

5. Chickadee
Symbol: Curiosity, as well as the power of small things.
Message: Your ideas will grow in the right time.

6. Cowbird
Symbol: Renewal of both the seen and the unseen worlds in grounding your path.
Message: Get with other others who share your interests to guide your awakening.

7. Crane
Symbol: Spirit guide of leadership and justice.
Message: Evaluate your relationships truthfully and express your voice.

8. Crow
Symbol: Messenger of transition, Spiritually and physically.
Message: Manifest the changes you want in your life.

9. Dove
Symbol: Peace, forgiveness and gentleness.
Message: Peace arrives when you show compassion towards others.

10. Duck
Symbol: Protection while digging-up the past.
Message: Follow duck's lead in speaking-up or becoming more quiet.

11. Eagle
Symbol: Highest Spiritual guide: Courage, dignity, insights and wisdom
Message: Time for your thoughts and plans and creations to take flight.

12. Falcon
Symbol: Agility to strike swiftly when necessary.
Message: Take a chance, the time is now.

13. Flicker
Symbol: Insight, intuition and changing perception.
Message: Connect with the deeper meaning of hidden coincidences.

14. Goldfinch
Symbol: Awakens transition of physical to Spiritual by giving voice to your song.
Message: Know the value of resolutions in creating family harmony.

15. Goose
Symbol: Travel and communication.
Message: Move along your Spiritual path by cooperating with others to reach new levels.

16. Grackle
Symbol: Changes, discernment and balance.
Message: Apply your potential to allow unseen worlds to come forward.

17. Grosbeak
Symbol: Healing, forgiveness, balance, family.
Message: You will awaken to new perceptions.

18. Grouse
Symbol: The Sacred energy and rhythm of life.
Message: Be aware of cycles in your life: Now is the time to dance.

19. Hawk
Symbol: Riding the winds of change using clarity and patience.
Message: Surrender to Spiritual guidance and be ready to fulfill your life's purpose.

20. Heron
Symbol: Determination, exploration, deep wisdom.
Message: Ground yourself to receive further insights.

21. House Finch
Symbol: The energy of new activity and experience.
Message: Wake-up your connection to family.

22. Hummingbird
Symbol: Love, happiness and endurance.
Message: Accomplish the impossible and bring happiness into your life.

23. Indigo Bunting
Symbol: Love and truth from the heart.
Message: If hiding thoughts, speak truth when the time is right.

24. Kingfisher
Symbol: Increased activity, psychic perceptions, vision and timing.
Message: Manifest your destiny by letting go of the past and moving forward, as prosperity is arriving.

25. Loon
Symbol: Manifesting of dreams through awakening mind and Spirit.
Message: Pay attention to nuances in your life to determine what you want vs what is real.

Next week: Great Lakes birds 26. through 50. Unlock their symbolism to discover the message being delivered to you:

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